Could My Toilet Paper Be Sending Me to The Gynecologist?

Can toilet paper really cause allergies? Can toilet paper be the culprit to women having female discomfort and vaginal issues? Could toilet paper be the reason some women end up in the gynecologist office more frequently than they thought they should be.  Surprisingly many people don't realize that you can be sensitive to certain toilet papers. This can be a problem for both men and women. This often times though is more of a female issue because women use toilet paper a whole lot more than men do.

Many women don't realize that toilet paper can irritate your vulva and other areas near and around the vagina. There is a certain way to wipe such as front to back, and a certain gentle care you must take to protect the personal areas from getting all sorts of infection. Choosing a toilet paper that is lint free is also a must as those small pieces of paper can get into the areas and cause yeast infections and your toilet paper would be the last thing you think to have caused it.

One of the main problems with white toilet paper and many people don't realize this is that there are additives used in the manufacturing process. Chlorine is often used to soften and whiten the toilet paper. Toilet paper does not have to be white in order to be clean. In fact the natural brown toilet paper is as clean as the white. The brown toilet paper or unbleached toilet paper in America is not considered as acceptable as in other countries and that is simply because in America they associate white with clean and purity.

Natural and Organic is best. WHOLEROLL is organic and natural and whitened with hydrogen peroxide a natural substance . WHOLEROLL is Amazon's Choice for unbleached, organic and sensitive toilet paper. It is best for the entire family because it is all natural and organic. It is great for those who are sensitive to tissues and those who may have allergies. WHOLEROLL is the better solution for this generation because it is BPA free, lint free, chlorine free, hypoallergenic, septic tank safe and ecofriendly.

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