Consumer Demand Should Be Tree Free Products

Ok facts. Nobody ever thinks about or hardly even talks about toilet paper. Sure. It is the last thing on their mind. But we use it just about every single day and give it a flush without a second thought. No it is not the topic of conversation at anybody's dinner table. So what is it about toilet paper?

People really don't understand that all the toilet paper, at least 90% of it comes from trees. Yes, trees. There are many people that do see the value and totally respect what our forestry provides. Our forests are a force. They are the lungs of the earth helping to keep the air you breathe and the world congestion free.

But are we participating in helping to preserve our forests? Are we negligent in our pursuits continuously purchasing the next disposable product that we see no value. Consumer demand for disposable products is at an all time high. Many forests have had their landscapes completely transformed due to high demand for newspaper, paper cups, toilet paper and so much more.

For every Recycled toilet paper and for every WHOLEROLL(bamboo tree free toilet paper) there is a company that strictly manufacturers virgin pulp made from full grown trees that are chopped down daily. Over 27,000 trees are chopped down on a daily basis just to provide for the usage of toilet paper in the United States alone. This equals to millions of trees annually.

The problem with deforestation is that it is a direct correlation with the climate crisis. The more trees you chop down, the weaker the lungs of the earth become to absorb the carbon emissions. We have a long way to go in educating people about the importance of using a more enviro-friendly brand that respects our forests.

Is plush, soft and Clorox white more important than our children and the next generation. We have so many opportunities to make better choices for the future and it's inhabitants. If we can only begin to think beyond the now, we can preserve the earth and protect our forests for many many generations to come.

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