Community Involvement Can Help Reduce Carbon Footprint

What can you do in your community to reduce the carbon footprint. We must be proactive and protect the future by recycling. One item in the recycling bin can make a lifetime of difference to communities near landfills which can have a negative impact on the health of our neighborhoods. 

Many recycling programs benefit from media campaigns that persuade people to participate. This shows the many benefits of using persuasive tactics. You can use social media and local papers to promote your cause.

A lot of children look to their peers on how to act. Children who are recyclers can set a good example and be influential in getting other children to recycle.

Another way of encouraging people to recycle is by obtaining their commitment. When people commit to something, they are more likely to follow through and actually recycle. One way of gaining people’s commitment is by asking them to sign ‘pledge cards’ on which they promise to recycle.

Another technique involves having a sign up list for monthly activities in the community to keep them regularly involved. Publish these lists in the local newspaper. This is an effective way to bring attention to sustainable living as well as promote accountability.

Encourage goal setting and revise attitudes

People who set their own goals for recycling tend to meet them. This is the reason you need to encourage recycling with goal setting.

To date goal setting has been used successfully with families, college students, neighborhoods, offices, factories, and many other establishments.

 Create a committee

You can encourage those around you to recycle by creating a committee. In order to spread the word throughout your community you must first find others who actively recycle. You can then post fliers in recreation centers, schools, and public libraries and make personal contact with people. You need to lead by example in order to get people involved.

Also, spread information about how cooperative recycling can impact your neighborhood by going door to door.  Set up a stall at festivals and fairs. You can also place a small advertisement in a community based cable channel or the local newspaper.

In order to coordinate efforts and procure public recycling units in your area, get in contact with your local municipality or council. Whatever strategy you use, begin today. This is not a sprint. It is a marathon and we don't have time to waste.

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