College Football is Back How About Recycling These Items from the Game

Let’s be honest; we are all going to miss summer. Lucky for you, there’s something better and much more fun in the air. That’s right – the sizzling football season is upon us. From college football to the fabulous NFL, this season is billed as one of the most exciting in decades.

As you root for your favorite NFL or college football team, it should be a wake-up call to root for our beloved environment too. To get you started, here are top items from the game you can reuse and recycle.

Commemorative Cups

If you intend to enjoy your favorite drink in a commemorative cup dressed in your team colors and logos, you should consider taking it home later. This way, you’ll give the landfill a break as well as have something lovely and useful at home.

Food  Leftovers

Right from the outset, disposing of food trash and leftovers with the help of waste management companies can be an expensive affair. Why not turn it into a fantastic compost? Of course, football game-days churn out tons of food leftovers. Composted food leftovers offer myriad benefits. For one, it makes for an excellent organic fertilizer you can use on the garden, potted plants, nursery beds, and so on.

Plastic Bottles
From water to soda bottles and everything in-between, plastic containers can have a spiral effect on the environment. See to it that you place them in the right recycling bin often tucked right at the exit.

Glass Jars and Bottles
Recycling glass containers from a soda can be a two-fold approach – you can take the jars home to use in your kitchen or even put out sassy flowers. You can also put them in the designed recycling bins so they can be taken to sustainable recycling plants.

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans are almost synonymous with football games. The beauty of these soda or beer cans is that you can whip up many tantalizing DIYs from them. Oh yeah, you can turn aluminum cans into stunning DIY cookie cutters, bracelets, candle holders, lanterns, soda tab belts, key chains, box toppers, pencils holders and coasters to name a few.

Plastic/Clear Bags

As you might already know, most NFL stadiums have instituted a clear-bag rule. That means lots of plastic or clear bags will make its way to the stadium. Well, nothing to worry as there are tons of ways you can reuse or recycle them.

There you are – tops items you ought to recycle or reuse from a football game day. Even better, you can consider bringing your consumables in reusable containers, cups or plates.

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