Climate Change Will Affect These 5 States in the US the Most

Global warming is real despite the many ways people try to ignore the gravity of the situation. The truth is, climate change is an issue that is affecting the USA and should be addressed much better than it has been in the past. For instance, did you now that not all Americans will suffer equally in the face of climate change? Some states may see benefits, others mild effects and yet others great effects of climate change will manifest in the years to come. Therefore we all need to realize exactly how each region might be affected by the climate change reality. These tragic after effects should spur people to be on the frontlines in the fight for the earth’s environment. 

According to researchers, climate change will in the coming years increase the frequency with which we experience extreme weather all around the world. Based on these studies researchers have identified which areas are likely to bear the brunt with the U.S.’s Southeast and Midwest areas identified as the areas where the results of this climate change could be most disastrous. Here are the five states in the United States that will be affected the most due to either position or lack of preparation:

1.      Texas

The state which is one of the most exposed states when it comes to extreme heat, wildfire and drought has not done much in way of preparation for climate change. It has been awarded a grade F regarding preparedness which shows that its climate change policies, emergency management plans and vulnerability assessments are very poor.

2.      Mississippi

This southern state is at risk from wildfire, heat waves, drought and coastal flooding and also has a poor rating for its preparedness meaning that it has no plans and policies that mitigate climate change risks.

3.      Arkansas

Facing the climate change risk of inland flooding, drought and wildfires, this state has also done very little in way of planning for these future risks that could affect thousands of its inhabitants. The risks coupled with poor preparations, make Arkansas one of the states that will likely be affected the most by climate change.

4.      Missouri

Faced by the looming risks of drought, inland flooding and wildfires, which are predicted to get even worse with the passage of years, this state has poor preparedness adding it to the states at risk of disastrous effect of climate change.

5.      Florida

This state has a glowing red target on its back for climate change. However, it has plans in place to mitigate current threats and hence, needs to explore plans that will make it better prepared for future climate change threats. A particular serious threat for Florida is coastal flooding with as many as three million already living in its coastal flood zone experiencing flooding due to the globalwarming crisis now, and that number is expected to get higher.

Every state needs to prepare and be ready to tackle the number one global crisis of our time. The planet and the next generation future is on the line. We all must act. 

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