There are so many issues that our world is facing today. We are faced with poverty, gender equality, lack of world peace, poor education and so much more.  One of the greatest challenges we all face is climate change.  Climate change is the greatest global challenge of our time. It is a slow process of environmental destruction that is easy to ignore because it is such a slow moving process.  We have to educate ourselves about the problem and create sustainable solutions in order to save the Earth. To stop global warming, we must employ practices in every community that will help save our planet from deteriorating and our natural resources from becoming a scarcity.   How can we do this? The following are some of the few ideas that give rise to the importance of our environment and several helpful tips on how you can protect its natural resources.


Communities and its industry require energy for the households and business operations to function. Furthermore, having a good source of electricity is very important as most of our day-to-day activities and consumption depends a lot from energy-powered supplies. But since most of our households are being powered by fossil fuels, one of the best thing to do so as to conserve energy is to use renewable fuels or go for energy conservation for more sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives. One way to save energy and money is to use a smart surge protector. A smart surge protector cuts off power only to the devices that are turned off, while still powering devices that are turned on and in use.  Also, reducing your usage of multiple energy-powered supplies/equipment can already conserve a lot.


Adequate clean water supplies are necessary for both local system and community use. Water is really essential for survival, that’s why we need to use it wisely. To conserve water, you should avoid taking long hours for shower and avoid keeping it flowing at full force as this will just waste more water, which can still be used for many other purposes. Communities and the jurisdiction should also work in force to assure adequate supplies of water to meet the future needs.

Air & Climate

Both human health and the natural ecosystem can be adversely affected by the declining air quality and changes in climate due to the presence of harmful gasses and chemicals which pollutes the air—thus also triggering greenhouse effect and global warning. Communities can preserve the quality of air by eliminating or limiting the discharge of harmful gases or chemicals into the air/atmosphere. This can be done by reducing and minimizing the usage of products or equipment that releases CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons). People should also travel less using their car so as to reduce the emission of harmful carbon dioxide in the air. If your community provides a clean and green project, you can also join in planting more trees or get involve in recycling program.

Ecosystem, Land and Forest

Biodiversity is very essential in creating sustainability due to the special roles of each species in maintaining its ecological balance. So to better promote a safer place for wildlife and provide a balanced ecosystem, communities should support integrative approaches for enhancing, managing and protecting the wildlife population and natural habitats appropriate to the area.

You can play a vital part in protecting the environment in your local community by being good stewards of its natural resources. It really will take a village to save the world from destruction and preserve it for the next generation. “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our children.”

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