Climate Action Is A Mindset That Must Be Addressed

We live in day and age where the climate has become one of great concern. There are talks of Antarctica melting at unprecedented rates with the potential of causing catastrophic destruction in decades to come. Even with the little amount that has melted we have seen coastal destruction in New York and the Gulf Coast regions. We have limited solutions to our sustainability problems and action must be taken to limit future damage to the earth.
What can be done? It all begins with habits.  We face the consequences of climate change and there is a dire need for people to change their consumptive habits which is directly correlated to the carbon output from manufacturers. How can we reduce our carbon footprint. When the government gets involved with regulations, provisions and incentives, this can be a motivating factor than can motivate the consumer. Many states have already begun to intervene with by banning plastic bag usage and other issues related to wasteful actions that affect the environment. People have within themselves the power to change the consumptive habits and live a more sustainable lifestyle. It really begins local. It begins with the individual themselves.

People are familiar with the term and concept reduce, reuse and recycle, but are they actively participating.  We must educate because only a few of them know the appropriate ways of approaching it. It is a mindset. No we can't change everyone's mindset but if we take a local approach, we connect with people we know and have common interests that they can work on together. 

Unfortunately we live in a disposable economy. Are we so lazy that we can't just wash a dish instead of using paper to throw away. Convenience is a good thing, but convenience at a cost is not. Our environment is being affected and that is so much more important than simply using and ditching that paper cup. We can't continue to ignore the ignore the repercussions of our waste stream.

Again, it is the mindset. It is in our best interest to cease all thoughtless non-recycling actions. This harms environment and negates the sincere efforts by others to carry out their role in environmental conservation.

Does recycling take a lot of time and effort? No. Well what does it take?  It takes a change in mindset. It takes an appreciation of our natural resources. That is where it begins. 

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