Blood Pressure Out of Control Try These Natural Remedies

Do you know there are 1 billion people in the world with high blood pressure.  Every one in three persons suffer from this disease.  Why do so many people have this medical condition.  Some people have contributed it to eating habits which can cause obesity and others have contributed to stress and all the chemicals that are put in foods today.  Whatever the cause, we must find remedies for this silent killer disease called blood pressure. An out of control blood pressure can affect every organ in the body.  So what are some simple natural remedies you can do to help defeat and decrease this problem.

Exercise Regularly

It may seem contrary, but exercise is one of the best things that you can do to control your blood pressure. You say how is this possible. Exercise will strengthen the heart making it much stronger and more efficient at pumping blood. If you just walk 30 minutes a day you will see a difference in your pressure.  

Eat More Potassium

Potassium is a mineral that helps your body get rid of sodium. Sodium is just about in every dish when eating out and twice as much if eating at a fast food restaurant.  One of the best ways to reduce this intake is to limit or not eat at fast food restaurants and eat more fresh foods such as bananas, milk, yogurt, tuna and nuts. These are all rich in potassium that will benefit your heart and your blood pressure.

Lose Weight 

OK this one is more easier said than done. Simply being overweight is very taxing on the heart. When you lose weight this takes the extra load off the heart and makes a big difference. Simply losing 5% of your body mass can significantly lower high blood pressure. When you pair weight loss with exercise the impact is even greater.

Cut the Carbs

You just might be saying what in the world does sugar have to do with your blood pressure. I thought it was salt! There was a study called the Framingham Women's Health Study that showed that women who drank just one soda a day had a higher blood pressure than those who drank less than one a day. This is not just the sugar found in sodas if you are saying I don't drink sodas. This is also the white refined sugar you will find in the carbs from breads, cakes and pastas. A low-carb diet is a plus for lowering pressure.

These are four natural ways that can be implemented at home just be changing a few lifestyle habits that could be wearing you down.  Begin your new found wellness plan with exercise, more potassium, losing weight and eating less carbs and you are on your way to a more healthier you and healthier heart. 

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