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When we created WHOLEROLL, we definitely had the earth in mind. Right now we are living in the most socially conscious era of any other time in history. There are startups that have completely invested their entire missions to developing products and services that aid in either cleanup up of the earth, combatting the crisis of climate change or are organizations that aid in the development of people and infrastructure in poverty stricken or third world area.
WHOLEROLL rebuilding Gulf Coast

The heightened awareness of climate change has become an urgency.  There are so many visible signs now and we must be concerned. Just recently a bill called the 'Green New Deal' has been proposed to be a catalyst to get the USA on the green path to 100% reliance on renewables. It's a stretch but someone has to be the mouthpiece for the generation that is most affected.

WHOLEROLL is part of this generation's solution to helping to end deforestation which greatly affects climate change.  The more trees you cut down to make toilet paper, the more carbon is emitted in the air.  When you use WHOLEROLL, you are not cutting down trees any longer.  When you purchase, you partner with us and become a part of the solution all while enjoying a highest of  quality premium tissue that is better for you and the environment. 

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