8 Tips to Help You Become More Ecofriendly

A considerable impact on our sustainable future is made by the choices we make at the checkout. By showing our desire for sustainable choices to retailers and manufacturing businesses, we will create a demand for more of those sustainable products.  

As a result, when we shop for food and grocery, electrical appliances or furniture, we’ll have more environmentally friendly or sustainable options.                                                                                                                          

We must be mindful that every item you purchase will travel long distances to get to your local store shelves. The long distances that these items travel has an impact on the environment and the economy. However, the effect does not end here as you have to eventually be responsible for the product’s disposal, or at the bare minimum, the disposal of all the packaging that came with it when you take it home. Therefore, before loading up your shopping cart, ask yourself the following questions.

·        Is this item shipped from far away, leaving a big carbon footprint?

·        Is it really worth the time spent earning the money to buy it?

·        Is it made of renewable or recycled materials?

·        Is it over packaged with materials that just get thrown away?

·        How long will it last (and does that make it worth the impact on you and your environment)?

·        Is the item completely recyclable or and can it be donated when it's no longer needed?

·        What if it breaks; can it be fixed?

·        When it's used up, can it be disposed of in a sustainable way?

By answering all of the above-mentioned questions, you’ll be in a better position to make a shopping choice that is sustainable and fulfills all of your basic needs.

Choosing which products to buy can often be a big decision but we can help make a positive impact on our environment by selecting products that are more eco-friendly. Many restaurants are now doing away with straws. This act alone can greatly decrease plastic waste by the tons.  Think of what you can do today to be more responsible.

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