8 things You Can Do To Take Back Control of Your Health and Life

When was the last time you just didn't feel quite right or you wasn't yourself and you just ignored it?  This is a very common mistake for people with busy lives.  People tend to overlook the obvious ways the body communicates that something may be wrong.

Do you schedule yearly check-ups with your primary health physician, or do you call only when you have a problem?  With modern technology, doctors are now connecting all of your medical information on websites so that you can follow-up with them.  It is so important to get regular check-ups and to make actual changes to your lifestyle to feel better and live a healthy, long life.  Why do we deny the issues so many times until often it is too late. Well let's get you started on the right track.

Try considering the following:

1. Schedule an appointment with a primary care doctor once a year.
2. See a dentist twice a year.
3. Check your bloodwork, and after the results are in take a look at them.  Most doctors connect the information now on portals that show you the healthy ranges.  Also begin to read more, get information, and ask questions.  Speak with your doctor to know best how to care for your body.
4.  Are you eating enough fiber, fruits, and vegetables? Make sure you are.
5.  Get rid of junk food.  So many people ignore what they eat and wonder why they always feel sluggish. Too much junk food and fried food can really lower your energy levels.

Today, take a stand and make a pact with yourself to make some changes.
  • Keep a health journal.  Record reminders on your phone to take your daily multi-vitamin, to eat more fruit, to get up and stretch when you are sitting too much at work or school. 
  • Remind yourself to exercise and to get up and move!  If you do not like the gym, then make an active effort to move around your house, dance, clean, or take the stairs whenever possible.
  • Avoid the junk food and pack some healthy lunches to take to work.

What is your health intelligence IQ? Make a plan to be more “health intelligent.”Make a personal list and start with one task this week.  After two weeks, tackle a second task.  Take the stairs to your office instead of using the elevator or stretch while at my desk for 10 minutes. Read more about nutrition and get informed.  You only have one you. Be an active participant in your health.  Your life depends on it!

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