7 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Elegant

Your bathroom says a lot about your lifestyle. Good bathroom design is as important as any other part of your house. If you want your bathroom to give or leave a good impression of you, it needs to look elegant and clean. Here are some tips on how you can make your small, existing bathroom look more elegant. 
The mirror in your bathroom makes a big difference 
There are two ways of making your bathroom look luxurious and elegant. With a well-selected bathroom mirror, you can give your bathroom an all royal and luxurious look. Go with a big full wall-size mirror or you can ditch the big mirror and chose a relatively small but beautifully framed mirror and give your bathroom an elegant look. With both types of mirrors, your bathroom is going to have instant glamour.
Lighting matters
The type of lighting you use in your bathroom impacts the overall bathroom design. Bright lighting that matches with the rest of the bathroom can make a real difference. The first thing you need to do is make sure there are no yellow reflecting lights in your bathroom. Also, make sure you remove all old lighting hanging in middle of the bathroom. Replace them with bright lights that will not only make your bathroom look larger and more open but but elegant as well. 
Fabric can change the look
Soften your bathroom design with good looking fabric. Beautiful curtains can make your bathroom look elegant. There are many options in fabric styles that you can choose. You can also you fabric in the shower curtains as well. Make sure the fabric is of good quality. Fabric will give it instant glamour. Similarly, try to look for ta more traditional styled curtain that will make your bathroom look stately.
Add some furniture
If your doesn't already have furniture in it, you should add some. Be it a towel holder, bench or a dressing table, choose moisture resistant bathroom furniture wisely. A piece of good looking furniture can give your bathroom the homey luxurious feel that reflects the rest of your home. 
Get ceramic tiles 
For good bathroom design, unique ceramic tiles or marble can spice it up. Tiles are available in so many varieties and shapes. There are tiles that are even embossed or painted. You can use these type of tiles to create a border around any wall, frame, a cabinet or mirror. Accent tile adds character instantly.
Cabinets can make a difference
Custom made cabinets look classy and provide more space. These type of cabinets will not only be convenient for you but will also provide elegance to your bathroom. When designing or installing cabinets don't forget to choose unique knobs that reflects your style and makes the cabinets look even more appealing. 
Extra accessories that can change the look 
Finish your bathroom design by choosing unique accessories that you may find at a flea market that looks classic and expensive without having to spend a fortune. To make your bathroom look elegant and eye-catching, you should also add some artwork, flowers, good looking window coverings, plush towels instead of the traditional towels and a good looking towel holder. Also, the shelves, baskets, and racks should blend well with one another. Accessories can make or break any type of room so choose wisely. 

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