7 Tips to Help You Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

Do you have plans to remodel your bathroom but are afraid of the hefty prices it may involve? Don't worry we have you covered with tips that will help you stay on budget. Gone are the days when remodeling your bathroom used to cost tens of thousands of dollars. Now it can be done with only hundreds. Follow these simple tips to know how.

Do the task yourself

While contractors can charge you a lot of money, you can do it yourself and save that money. Remodeling your bathroom is no rocket science. Yes, it might take time and a little more effort but it's doable. You can get help online or fire up the multitasker in you try being your very own do it yourself.

Use fewer tiles

You can have two basic options while changing the tiles, you can either buy all expensive tiles or mix up expensive tiles with less expensive ones. The latter option will not only save you a lot of money, but will also make the expensive tiles more visible in the bathroom. You can do so by mixing a small number of expensive tiles with more of the lesser priced oness. Make sure it is designed brilliantly and in a way that makes the expensive tiles look more visible from a distance.
Make it Green
When remodeling your bathroom, try to make it as green as possible. Use equipment that saves water and wall colors that can keep the temperature acclimated. This will save costs on water, electricity and help with your monthly budget. On top of that, green bathrooms are trending nowadays so it will be better for you and the environment.

Paint it

Painting your bathroom can give it a whole new look without spending a lot of money. But you have to be careful about moisture build up when selecting a paint. The paint that you are going to use should also be able to resist the growth of mold. Try to choose high-quality paint that address the mold issue and it may often times be a little more pricier but will be long-lasting and totally worth it.

Wainscoting helps

Wainscoting now is mostly decorative but the basic purpose of wainscoting is to cover lower parts of the walls and add dimension. This doesn't only look good but also covers dampness. Wainscoting your bathroom can serve two purposes at one time. Sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn't it?

Buy lower cost used materials

If you really have to buy new materials, you can swap for cheaper alternatives that substitute. For example, you can go for vinyl flooring instead of a real wood plank floors. Quartz and laminate countertops can look like natural stones also, saving you a lot of money. Similarly for other bathroom accessories try to look for the inexpensive flea market finds to give it a pop. You can also repurpose the fixtures and other existing materials.  This too will save you money.

Bring life to your Bathroom

While remodeling your bathroom don’t forget the simple tricks that expensive designers do. For example; you don't have to change the entire vanity, you can give it a completely new look by just changing the sink faucet. Similarly, replacing old hardware with a newer one instead of buying completely new cabinets can also save you a lot of money. Be aware of the screw alignment before buying the hardware in order to utilize the existing holes in the cabinet.

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