7 Organic Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom This Spring

Spring is soon upon us! With warmer temperatures comes beautiful spring colors and everything begins to bloom right before our eyes. Spring is also the absolute best season to add little touches of natural love inside your home, especially the bathroom. You can update your bathroom with a luxurious and a tasteful look and feel. Here's how.

(1) Bring in Organic Spring Scents

Unlike other seasons, spring is all about floral aromas, scents, and fragrances. Lavender, chamomile, watermelon, ocean breeze, mint, eucalyptus, citrus, and other scents can help you bring the feel of spring into your bathroom. Add the touch of spring aroma with a range of lotions, hand soaps, and candles. All these items are an organic and cost-friendly way to infuse the smells of the spring season in your home and bathroom.

(2) Use Unique Items to Liven Up Your Bathroom

When you want to add some spring spunk to your bathroom, it pays to get a little creative. By using unlikely items for functional purposes, you’ll add a touch of sass, style, and elegance to your bathroom. Don’t go for the conventional. Incorporate the unlikely items like a ladder or hanging a basket filled with spring favorite fruits.

(3) Bring in a Low-Light Lamp

Most bathrooms are fitted with bright and high-light bulbs. While they are functional, they don’t help with bringing spring essence into your home. Try low-light bulbs instead. Yes!

(4) Transform Your Decor Organically

It may be best to redo your decor if the wall is looking a bit outdated and past their optimal. Add a fresh coat of bright paint to revitalize your bathroom, making it feel airy and clean. If you’re looking to get a little creative, choose a stylish and bold feature wall. Think of mosaic tiles or bright colored paint -- they’ll offer a fabulous backdrop to your bathroom fixtures.

(5) Declutter your Bathroom

It’s time for spring cleaning! Winter is a hoarding season for most people. Picture those messy bottles of shampoo, grubby slither of soaps, tattered sponge, and stale bubble bath --  It all has to go. Get rid of the clutter to detox your bathroom and give it a spring look and feel.

(6) Accessorize your Bathroom Organically

Accessorizing your bathroom is a no-brainer especially if you don’t enough time to update the entire bathroom. With spring upon us, dress up the shelves in your bathroom with a potted plant or fresh spring flowers. You can also treat your window sill. It is always good to invest in colorful bottles, glass vases, and bowls. You can organize them in your bathroom to add a touch of color to your bathroom spaces.

(7) Update Your Linens and Towels

And yes! Go for some ecofriendly bathroom towels, drapes, curtains, and other linens in spring colors. They always add that crisp clean feel in the air that can't compare.

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