7 Organic Uses for Used Tea bags

When your tea bags die do you dump them into your trash? How callous! Tea bags are great as they allow you to have a calming hot beverage at any time without turning your sink into a mess of sieves and soggy tea leaves. However, did you know that you can use your tea bag more than once? Indeed, there are many uses for used tea bags so don’t be too hasty in rushing to toss your used one in the trash while you can actually use it in a host of other interesting ways. To start you off, here are 7 uses for used tea bags.

1.      Anti-Aging Properties

Have you been wondering how you can use natural methods of fighting the onset of age. Then here is one; a used tea bag! Tea has plenty of antioxidants and these are great in fighting toxin and free radicals. Beat the symptoms of aging that may creep on you by placing the used teabag on the skin around your mouth, eyes and other areas prone to premature aging. But beware and do not use steaming hot tea bags! Let them cool a little for more comfort and effectiveness. When placed on your eyelids, they do a great job of reducing puffiness.

2.      Fertilize your garden

By using your used tea bags in your garden you can nourish it properly. Put it in a bucket of water and use the resulting tea to water for your precious plants and especially rose bushes if you have them. You can also open them up and sprinkle the damp tea leaves on the soil directly or mix it with compost to use as manure for your garden.

3.      Plugging Drainage Holes

Do you have planters around your home? Have you noticed how hard it is to find perfect rocks to plug them? Ditch the attempt to find perfect rocks and use used tea bags instead! The tea bags plug the holes while also allowing you to drain excess water.

4.      Soak Your Feet

By adding used tea bags to warm water and soaking your feet, you can reap their antioxidant properties and nourish your skin while simultaneously softening calluses. Bonus tip: Use fragrant used tea bags to keep your feet smelling amazing.

5.      Relieve razor burns and other reactions

Whenever you get a razor burn or unfortunately encounter a poison ivy that leaves you with a rash, placing used tea bag on the affected area helps reduce the pain and sooth the area.

6.      Clean Wood Furniture

A weak tea solution made from used tea bags is great in cleaning and polishing wood surfaces. Keep them in a jar and after use pull them out for your next table polishing.

7.      Air Freshening Properties

Adding a little bit of your favorite essential oil to a used tea bag then hanging it will leave your home or office smelling fresh and wonderful. The aroma amplifies the effects of your tea oil to the enclosed space and can linger for long periods of time.

So when you are done with your tea bags just remember you can repurpose and reuse them for so many things. Don't throw it away.  Be creative and live sustainably today.

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