7 Creative Things you Can Do with Those Old Jelly and Food Jars

There are many items that we buy in containers such as cookies, ketchup, washing powder, jam and skin care products among others. Most of the times, the jars end up in the dustbin. Did you know you could reuse these jars for some creative uses? Here are seven creative ways you can use the jars. 

 Piggy bank

Teach your children about money management by giving each a jar to save their money. Every child can decorate his or her jar in any way he or she wants. 

 Store your herbs

Most of the herbs lose their aroma when kept for long periods in the open. Keeping them in closed containers helps retain their aroma and in good condition.  

Flower vase

Those tall glass jars can make very good flower vases which you can use as centerpieces in your living room. You may use the glass jars as they are or pain them to fit your general style in the house. Just ensure that the stalks for your flowers are not too tall to cause that jar to fall over. 

Sugar and saltshakers   

 Use your jars as sugar and salt shakers. All you need to do is to drill small holes on the lid of the jar and then half fill it with sugar, salt or your intended seasoning. The jar keeps the contents safe from spilling and makes it easy to shake a little of them in your food.

Cocktail shakers

The standard cocktail shakers are quite expensive. You can mix tour drinks in the jars after cleaning them well. Ensure that the lid held tightly before you start to shake your drinks.   

 Christmas decorative lighting

You can use the jars to hold your decorative candles in place when decorating your home for Christmas. Place the candle at the center of the jar. Then, decorate the jar with paper art, leaves, or other small items on the side. Place them around the table and other high places to light up your room.    

Candy jars

Use your jars to store treats for the next festive season or for rewards to your kids. You can decorate the jars with ribbons or even glue your favorite character items on the lid. Treat jars can also be used as centerpieces on your table. There are many more ways to reuse jars. Do not just throw them after use, reuse them at home in various ways.

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