7 Cleaning Tips to Go From a Mess to the Best in Your Bathroom

Who hasn't postponed the dreaded chore of cleaning the bathroom.  We all have but, postponing those the little bathroom chores can often lead to disaster. The bathroom chores can pile up making it even messier and harder to clean than before. You get overwhelmed by the toilet bowl and walls, clogged drains, caked soap, rusted shower head and faucets. If not kept, these are signs that there is a crisis in the bathroom. You can keep the bathroom clean and tidy by developing certain habits in the bathroom, and teaching other family members to follow suit.

Clean shower walls after a shower

A soapy shower leaves a lot of foam on the walls. The foam can dry up and form streaks on the wall making them look very unsightly. Make a point of splashing some water on the walls to take away the scum after a shower and add in some natural vinegar while at it to give it that extra pop of freshness.

Squeegee the shower floor and tub

Squeegee the tub and the shower after every useThis prevents dirty water from standing on these surfaces which encourages the growth of mold and other bacteria. You can also use the squeegee on the shower walls and glass door to avoid water marks and calcium deposits which can streak the surfaces.

Turn on the fan

Turn on the bathroom fan as soon as you get in the shower and turn it off when getting out. This keeps the air circulating while showering or cleaning and prevents excess condensation that can scummy the entire bathroom. It also keeps the air in the bathroom nice and fresh.

Keep the towels dry

Wet towels in the bathroom can make the air stuffy and encourage mold growth. If you do reuse a big towel, keep it dry by putting it in the dryer for at least 5 minutes. It adds a pop of freshness in the bathroom and keeps down moisture.

Vacuum regularly

Hairs and fibers in the bathroom can clog the drains.  Vacuum and sweep regularly to keep them off the floor and to avoid having clogged drains in the shower and sink.

Empty the trash can

Of course this goes without saying but, this is one can in the house that can get neglected because everybody is waiting on somebody else to take it out. The bathroom can be the messiest room in the house and leaving the trash can full will only make matters worse.

Make small chores a daily habit

If you develop small daily habits, your bathroom will always be kept and won't be so dreadful to clean. It is doing the daily small things that will make a difference in the long run. It's simple things such as wiping the soap off the counter before it cakes and becomes harder to get off.  It's pouring baking soda or vinegar and keeping a refreshener in the toilet bowl in order to avoid the hard scrub and this will make it much easier to clean. In the long run, you will find that your bathroom will stay cleaner and it won't be the most dreadful task in the house. Happy cleaning.

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