6 Ways to Decorate a Bathroom on a Budget

The excess moisture and humidity in a bathroom can make it deteriorate much faster than the other areas of the house. The moisture can fade the fittings and walls quicker than they probably should. Bathroom decorations and makeovers can be expensive leaving many wondering how to keep this visible area of the home looking appealing without breaking the budget. Here are several ideas you can use to make it happen.

Fresh coat of paint

It is common for the bathroom walls and ceiling paint to peel and crack from exposure to moisture. Poor quality paint can peel off and blister. A fresh coat of paint can give a drab bathroom an immediate face lift. If the previous coating is pretty much gone, have it scraped off before applying a fresh coat of paint. Make sure to get water resistant paint. Yes, it may be a bit pricier than the other paints, but it will definitely last longer.

Brighter lighting

Replacing the old light fixtures can give your bathroom a brighter and warmer look. Go for sodium and yellow lighting, and avoid white fluorescent harsh lighting which can feel cold. There are many lighting designs that you can get online or at your local home stores.

New look cabinets

Unclutter the bathroom cabinets. It is common to have items that are not in use on the cabinet shelves like old toothbrushes, empty shampoo cans, and other expired bathroom products. Throw away any and all things not needed away. You can use drawer liners to give your shelves a fresh look.

A new shower curtain

The shower curtain gets old fast especially in a house that sees many showers per day. Fortunately, a shower curtain is one of the more affordable items in the bathroom. You can change it regularly if it starts to look worn and faded. Look for the heavy duty ones which are more durable and fade resistant.

New tiles

Scuffed and cracked tiles are not only ugly, but pose a risk as a person can trip over them and fall. Re-tiling is not exactly cheap, but if you get it done professionally, it lasts.  You can cut costs on re-tiling by hunting for vintage and second-hand tiles. If you are not handy, do not do a DIY job unless you are experience because you may end up having to hire a professional workman to rectify your mistakes.

Replace bathroom fixtures

Replacing a few fixtures can change the look of the bathroom. This may be the taps or shower heads. The good thing about this is that you can do it incrementally as your budget allows.

Bathrooms add value to the home. You want to always have them kept because it is your place of retreat. Who wants to retreat in a messy bathroom? OK. Time to get started. 

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