6 Simple Organic School Lunch Ideas

If you're health conscious and want the best for your kids then you are keen on nourishing your little ones with healthy, organic meals. From their breakfast to lunch boxes to snacks and dinner, you have to add an organic touch to all your kids’ meals without compromising their taste.

Looking to spruce up your children’s lunches organically? Try the following six organic lunch-box ideas that will simply knock your kids’ socks off.

#1. Slow-Cooked Mac and Cheese with Broccoli

Your child already loves mac and cheese -- why not add the health benefits of broccoli? Slow-cooker mac and cheese with broccoli is simple yet delish and the best part is that you can use minced organic broccoli, brown rice or gluten-free macaroni, and a choice of other organic veggies. Even better, you can swap broccoli for organic cauliflower; it’ll blend in with the cheese perfectly.

#2. Organic Panini Sandwiches

Paninis are amazing because you can melt all of the organic ingredients together in a nice, yummy sandwich your kids will love. You can press in some organic avocado, strawberry, and a little goat cheese. Your kid can heat it up in a snap at lunchtime or eat it cold. Either way, the panini sandwich is delicious and healthy.

#3. Snacks: Coconut Almond Bars

Kids can munch on a high-protein snack to feel fuller longer. The good news is that preparing  coconut almond bars is a breeze, and requires only five ingredients. More than that, these snack bars are versatile -- you can add to lunch boxes, pack on-the-go or give your little ones as treats.

#4. Organic Lunchables

It’s no secret kids love lunchables. The trouble however is that store-bought lunchables are packed with artificial flavors, colors, and plenty of bad preservatives. That’s a big no-no. Luckily, you can pack a raft of yummy organic whole-wheat cheese, crackers, and spreads -- and then pair with a fresh veggie or fruit.

#5. Organic Oatmeal Cookies

Children love devouring cookies. To make them healthy, however, you need to use oatmeal and avoid added sugars and oils. The allure of these raisin oatmeal cookies is that they are tasteful yet packed with organic goodies.

#6. Avocado and Curried Egg Salad

If your little angel or prince love salads, look no further than curried avocado egg salad It boasts of that creamy richness from avocado and a touch of savory yet sweet spiciness from the curry. The good thing is that your kids will never notice the absence of mayo. Add pickles or a sprinkle of relish to add a sizzling flavor.

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