6 Recycling Tips Moms Can Use to Save Money at Home

Earth Day was celebrated earlier in the year with a call for people to reuse and recycle as much material as possible instead of throwing everything away unnecessarily and irreponsibly. Moms tend to be the caretakers of the home and 85% of moms do the grocery shopping for the family. If you are mom, you know how much waste can accumulate in a very short period of time. Here are several recycling tips you can implement at home while saving some money in the process.

1.      Reuse your packaging containers

There are many things are packaged and over packaged with today's products on the market.  Some packaging can be excessive and seem to be extremely wasteful. You can be creative and take some of the packaging and reuse the containers to store herbs, salt and sugar containers and anything you need to store those small items that you always want to have regularly handy.  All you have to do is cut and clean the containers and decorate to your with your own preference and creativity.

Use reusable bags instead of plastic

 Every time you go to the grocery, stores often pack your goods in plastic or paper. Sometimes you have to buy plastic bags in many cities due to new laws that have been implemented. You save money and time when you make an investment and buy reusable bags.  Not only can you use these bags over and over, but some stores will give you a percentage off your groceries when you bring them in. This is a win win because you are saving money, saving time while also saving the environment.

3.      Recycle for cash

Several organizations are willing to pay you to collect your metal and plastic waste and give it to them. The amount of cash you sell the recycled item for can be used to pay some of your bills for the home. Scrap metal, old furniture and plastic containers are only a few of the items that can be recycled and sold for cash. Locate your local recycling center to see the different items that are recyclable.

4.      Fix rather than throwing away

Do you have an old piece of furniture, electronic appliances, or clothing? Do not be quick to throw it away. Rather, have them fixedand reused again at home. It saves on the cost of buying new appliances. You can also sell the items at the flea market.

5.      Compost the biodegradable and use them in the kitchen

Make use of the vegetable peelings and other organic left overs in the kitchen by making compost manure in the garden. You can use compost manure to grow herbs and vegetables in the garden. You can dig a compost pit in the garden and pile up the kitchen waste, but don't let it rot before putting and using it in the garden.

6.      Repurpose your items

Items that cannot be repaired or reused can be repurposed. You can repurpose the old non-recyclable items by creating and remaking other items such as sculptures, live fence materials, decorations and many other options. An old cupboard can be used as a table. Old wine bottles can be used as candleholders, wall decoration, or as a lampstand.  Repurposing the items saves on the cash you would have had to spend.

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