5 Ways You Can Go Green By Reusing These Items

Reusing is one of the most cost-effective ways of going green. There are plenty of items that you can reuse around the house to reduce waste that you need to recycle or dispose of. Old items can be put to new use with some bit of creativity.

Plastic bags

The plastic grocery bag can be used as a pollutant as found in many lakes, oceans and streams or it can be a very versatile item. There are hundreds of ways of reusing this much-vilified item. The first priority is reusing them for shopping at the local grocery or farmers’ market. It also comes in handy when walking around and you need somewhere to place trinkets purchased by the roadside. A plastic bag makes a very good trash can liner as it is waterproof meaning wet waste put in it will not leak. Use it for a bathroom or kitchen trash can. It also makes good storage for waste that can be smell and disgusting like used diapers or dog waste collected around the house.

Old newspaper

The first thought that comes to mind when looking to dispose of old newspaper is recycling. Before taking it for recycling, you can reuse old newspaper to stuff items that are in danger of shrinking like shoes or handbags.  It can also be used to wrap items that are fragile for example decorative china before putting in a box. A newspaper is good insulation against harsh cold weather. Cover your potted plants with newspaper to protect the leaves and flowers and you can find unique ways to wrap gifts using newspapers.

Dryer sheets

Instead of throwing away dryer sheets after your laundry, dry them out for reuse. They are very good for wiping smooth surfaces like windshield glass and table tops. The slight texture of dryer sheets makes them more effective in wiping off dirt than paper towels. They will clean the glass without scratching it.

Honey or Mason jars

An empty honey jar can be used around the kitchen for holding other items like sugar or salt. It can also be used in the home office to hold stationery items like pens and erasers. A honey jar is long lasting meaning it can be reused for as long as you like. Mason jars are the staple item used to preserve food items. Besides honey, you can turn your jelly mason jars into many useful items.

Fallen leaves

Who would have ever thought that leaf litter can be used to give more life to plants in the yard. You can use leaves to make compost for use in your kitchen garden instead of fertilizer. They way you carry this out is by pouring the leaves directly into a potting jar where they will decompose to make nutrients for your flowers and herbs. Leaves also make good mulch to insulate other plant’s roots against cold winter weather. And don't forget your child's school project. You can use leaves for their art and science projects by drying the leaves and sealing them in wax paper. They can then be stuck on drawing books as creative art.


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