5 Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Old Clothing?

 It is sad that your favorite piece of clothing is going to get old and become unwearable. You might also outgrow the clothing. Rather than throw it in the garbage bin, you can give it a new lease of life by reusing and repurposing the old clothing. Most of the clothing materials retain the good qualities that make them good enough for wearing or for other purposes. Here are five ways you can upcycle, reuse and repurpose those old garments.

Make a grocery bag

 A strong shirt can make a great shopping basket It only needs a few snips and stitches, and you are good to go. Start by cutting off the sleeves and the collar of the t-shirt. Make a hem at the bottom and draw out the shape of your bag. Stitch around the sides and the bottom of the bag. Cut slits on the side of the bag and make a large slit at the top for the handle.

Altering your shirts to another type of the shirts

 You can transform a collared shirt into something else and keep wearing it. For example, you can cut off the collar of the beau’s shrunken polo and sew it to create a feminine shirt. You can also repurpose the shirts to make different tops and camisoles.

 Make pillows

The old clothing can be recycled as pillow fillings and repurposed to pillow casings. The wooly sweaters make good pillow casing material for your sofa pillows and even outside couches. You can embroider the pillows with buttons from other clothing and make superb cuddly pillows for daily use.   

Make beautiful rugs

Your worn-out jeans and clothing made of tough material can make great denim rugs for use in your living room. You can cut different sizes and shapes of the rugs from the materials depending on the size of the clothing and the desired shape. For the woolen materials, you can use them as mops in your corridors and the kitchen.

Make a scarf

Do you love the message and the graphics of your old t-shirt? If so, retain the message and graphics by creating a scarf You will cut the T-shirt on one of the seams and the cut a scarf on the entire length of the T-shirt. You can sew up more than one T-shirt to make a long repurposed scarf.

Do you have old clothes at home? Do not throw them away. Recycle them.

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