5 Ways to Design Boho Chic in Your Home

Boho chic style also referred to as Bohemian style is a style in fashion and décor that embraces artistic and unconventional designs. Bohemian is derived from the French word for “gypsy” and is a style that is associated with freedom and liberty to be yourself and to express your individuality. Rather than appeal to structured conventions, it is meant more as a free-spirited style meant to allow for colorful displays, free expression and unconventionality. It allows you to have personal style and aesthetic quality in fashion and at home allowing both to shine through and creating room for variety in form, color and design. Here are a few ways through which you can achieve a Boho chic environment in your home:

Create Soft Lighting

This type of lighting will create a cozy, special atmosphere in your home and ensure that your collections are displayed in their best look.  Go for brass or Moroccan metal lanterns to accent your living space. These lanterns can be wall sconces, table or floor lanterns and lamps that will bring soft lighting, a comforting serene atmosphere and look beautiful inside your home.

Make Your Space Your Own

With Boho chic style, you do not have to change your individual style to embrace this style. In fact, it is recommended that that you be creative in the use of the things you love to make this style work for you. For instance you can reinvent your space and make your own design rules as you go about the art of decorating.

Use Bold Furniture

This furniture in the living area and in the bedroom should be in a style you like with bold patterns you like as well as rich and vivid colors. To ensure the cozy finish throw in things you are passionate about such as sculptures, books, pillows, art and fabrics and colorful rugs. Morroccan tea tables are especially a great popular choice of furniture to serve treats or stack your magazines and books.

Choose Handmade Décor Pieces

To achieve a Boho Chic Style,  go for handmade décor pieces to showcase your sense of individuality. This is very expressive and will be showcase individuality since handmade items are not only gorgeous but also unique. This can be in the form of art, handcrafts, textiles and rugs among others.

 Bring Out the Glamour in Your Kitchen

Instead of using hash overhead lights, use exotic, soft hanging lights with a glow that provides enough light without being irritating to the eyes. Accent the lighting with dark walls and metallic for a mysterious moods. The bedroom on the other hand should be artfully wallpapered with rugs and fabrics and furniture that showcase your individual style.

Boho Chic ultimately is all about you expressing yourself and your home with color and your own personality drawing from inspiration from the earth and its properties to bring a natural esthetic to your living space.

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