5 Ways That You Can Make Our Planet A Better Place To Live

There are over seven billion people that live on the earth, billions of animals, beautiful landscapes, minerals and water resources.  However, over the years man has destroyed land, atmosphere and changed the harmonious balance that the world once enjoyed. 

All is not lost as we can bring back the glory that the earth once had by taking a number of steps. Here is how you can take part in making it the ideal paradise to live in. 

1.      Be nice to others

One of the biggest problems that causes animosity and lack of understanding is the rise in personality or individuality. We live in a day when people are often only thinking of themselves and less of the others. If we all took a serve others approach instead of a selfie approach, we would have fewer conflicts, fewer problems and we would cooperate in solving our problems.

2.      Volunteer your resources, time and knowledge to help others

Get some time off your busy schedule and help mentor somebody to help them realize his or her full potential.  You can also donate your cash and other belongings to the needy. If each of us held someone’s hand to help him or her reach her destiny, we would eventually fight poverty diseases and all other problems that come with them. 

3.      Conserve the environment around us

Conservation is a combination of different decisions towards retaining earth’s nature as it should be. Such actions and decisions include recycling more of our waste, protecting our wetlands, using biodegradable chemicals and conserving the water.  It also involves harnessing the resources that we can to cut back on non-renewable sources. We can collect rain water from our rooftops to cut back on pumped water usage or use solar water heaters rather than electricity.

4.      Use less paper and plastics

The plastic menace is almost choking the world despite efforts to recycle them.  If we used less of plastics, especially the plastic bags, we would have fewer plastics to recycle and less oceanic contamination. There are other biodegradable materials such as sisal fibers and fabric bags that can be used for shopping. We can also use less paper by only printing whenever necessary. Documents can be shared over emails and other technologies without the need to print. 

5.      Seek better ways of conflict resolutions

Conflicts and wars are some of the things that have led to widespread destruction of property, environment and many innocent deaths. In fact, we cannot work together in rescuing our planet if we cannot agree in the first place. It is important that we as a people embrace tolerance and dialogue whenever there is a problem. This is a form of discipline and that would help to decrease wars, despair, less damage to the atmosphere and loss of human lives.

In order to make the world a better place, it will begin with each and every individual.  We live in a time where everyone has a voice through social media.  If we use those platforms in a purposeful manner, the earth will be a better place to live.

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