5 Ways Environmental Pollution is Affecting People's Health

Global pollution is on the rise. Everyday people are carelessly adding more pollutants to the environment. While we are somewhat conscious of the environmental pollution that is around us, it is beginning to get a little too late to turn it around.  Everyone should put all effort towards trying to preserve the earth in order for the environment to be sustainable. We are dependent on the environment and the pollution has begun to severely affect the inhabitants. There are many dangers. Here are 5 that pose the biggest threats to human life.
  1. Lead Poisoning from contaminated water

Humans cannot survive without water. It is a biological need yet we have polluted this element so much that all over the world, it is becoming difficult to get clean water. The water bodies and the essential groundwater has become polluted so to the extent that it is harming people and crops. Drinking unclean water can lead to death and other diseases. The Flint crisis is an example of this. This crisis where lead from old pipes and plumbing had gotten into children’s blood stream, has devastated the lives of children and greatly affected their health. Because of the presence of mercury and lead in the water, diseases like Minamata, cholera, diarrhoea and thousands of others are on the rise. The vegetables and fish we consume also carry water borne diseases that are harmful to our health.

  1. Asthma from polluted air

 When you look at the number of people who suffer from asthma, there is definitely a correlation between air pollution rise and rise of documented asthmatics. This is a sign and shows the many dangers of polluted air on our bodies. Emissions from factories, automobiles, refrigerators, air conditioners all add to air pollution. Breathing this toxic air can soon damage peoples lungs. People who do not even consume tobacco are suffering from lung cancers simply because of polluted air. Small children suffer from shortness of breath as their lungs get filled with dust and pollutants at a very young age. 
  1. Neurological problems from poisonous soil

People have forever used soiil as their dumping grounds. There are landfills filled with heapings of trash, chemicals and debris that is eventually ruined and have become chemical laden. Toxic waste is difficult to get rid of and some feel there is no other choice but to bury it. The soil has become poisonous and only  with the application of fertilizers and pesticides can plants be grown. Ironically these chemicals in turn affects the soil and our produce. Eating chemical laced food can lead to accumulation of chemicals in our body that can cause terminal diseases such as liver cancer, kidney disease and even neurological problems.
  1. Kidney problems from plastic pollution

Plastic has single handedly become one of the greatest pollutants to the earth. Scientists are discovering plastic molecules in our bodies that can have long term consequences. The bottled water we drink, the seafood we eat, the air we breathe all contain plastic particles which can damage the heart, lungs, kidney and brain.
  1. Noise pollution that can cause anxiety

This type of pollution is mostly ignored because it is invisible. We have filled the environment with so much noise pollution that it is affecting animals, plants and humans. The presence of loud noises in the environment can cause anxiety. Extreme anxiety can lead to a heart attack, permanent deafness and even increase in blood pressure.  So in order for us to live a life that reduces the symptoms and diseases caused by these pollutants, everyone must make an exerted effort to minimize usage of disposable plastic products and be more responsible in the maintenance of Mother Earth.

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