5 Tips to Looking Great and Feeling Great

The art of a healthy lifestyle is focusing more on yourself. You look like what you eat and your body believes what you think so make sure you eat good and think positive. Here is a list of 5 such suggestions that will assist you in adopting a lifestyle that is healthy, natural and organic.
1-Exercise daily and control your diet
Daily exercise is a must and benefits you in the following ways
  • Improves eyesight
  • Lowers cholesterol
    • Normalizes blood pressure
    • Reduces marks of aging
    • Improves lean muscle
    • Improves bone density
      15 to 20 minutes of exercise each day can add extra years to your life. Be it just a walk in the park, playing some sport, jumping a rope, spinning a hula hoop or riding a bicycle in the neighborhood, anything to get the metabolism going. Exercise will not guarantee you a healthy lifestyle. Your diet must be under control and checked as well. One food type that needs eliminating is processed foods. Process foods contain extra sugar and salt and can cause heart diseases and higher blood pressure. Be sure to look at the salt and sugar levels before purchasing.

      2-Drink more water
      Want to stay well-hydrated? Drink more water and add sliced lemon, herbs, and mint in your water bottle to make it taste better and nutrient-rich. Just like processed foods, extra sugar in flavored and stored drinks doesn't help you. Over 60% of human body is made up of water which is the reason every single nutritionist suggests 8-10 glasses of water every day. The other 20% of fluid intake comes from food. Drinking lesser amounts of water can result in
      • Less urination or dark yellow colored urine
      • Dry skin.
      • Dizziness
      • Fast heartbeat.
      • Dry mouth and lips
      • Dark circles
      • lack of energy
      • Sleepiness.

        3-Get enough sleep and say goodbye to bad habits
        Want to stay healthy? Getting 8 hours of sleep is compulsory for you. Also, some specific foods and relaxation techniques can help you in getting better sleep. Not only that, you also need to eliminate bad habits such as smoking, consumption of caffeine, eating oily and other sugary products that will not help you at all.
        4-Eat more vegetables and fruits
        For a healthy lifestyle, add fruits like watermelon, guava, avocado, apple, grapefruit, cantaloupe, Strawberries, kiwi, apricots, papaya and vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, celery, eggplant, carrots, prunes, asparagus, kidney beans, long beans, black beans, and green beans in diet. These fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals and are good for your body.
        5-Stress Management, think positive
        A healthy and positive attitude will boost your overall health and help your immune system. When you sit down to eat, pay attention to how the food you eat can make you feel satisfied, relaxed, and elated. A healthy lifestyle is all about finding the perfect balance in your life. Also, you need to nurture yourself and then you can nurture others you. Set smart and limited goals that are realistic and specific. This way you will live happy and healthy. Don’t forget to incorporate some meditation to help deal with the daily stresses of life. Learn to take care of yourself inside and out because if  you don’t then who will?

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