5 Tips to Help You Green Your Lifestyle

Organic living has to do with much more than food. Sure food is a big part of living an organic lifestyle as a mom – you should buy foods free of pesticides and fertilizer. But then there are other little but important ways you can enhance your lifestyle and that of your family. For example, you can make use of organic cleaning supplies and then lessen waste in your home.
It might sound a bit tough to adopt this way of living but don’t worry moms! Here are easy tips to take on organic living:

1. Eat organic foods
The first step to taking on natural is by buying and eating organic foods! First of all it’s great for your family’s health, and then it’s also great for the environment. When you eat inorganic food, you take in chemicals which can cause health issues in the long run. Organic foods are also tastier than inorganic meals (because they are fresh and haven’t been tainted with chemicals) so you’ll have absolutely no regrets making the switch! Most grocery stores have meat and dairy sections titled ‘organic' hence finding organic products will be no problem at the store.

2. Cook your own meals
Did you know cooking your own meals is a great way to promote organic living? Well, now you do. So if you've been cooking your family's meals all along – great job, mom, keep it up! If not, you need to take up cooking meals for your family. So many restaurants make use of inorganic ingredients and even some chemicals to preserve meals and enhance its taste. These chemicals, as mentioned above, can be harmful to your family. When you cook your own meals, you know what you are putting into it and what is good for your family.
Now before you start to panic, this is not to say you can never buy food from a restaurant. It simply means you should reduce how frequently you do so to improve healthy living.

3. Start a garden?
Starting a garden is one of the best ways to adopt organic living! A garden doesn’t only provide you with organic ingredients for your meals but also helps you reduce the production of waste in your home. How? When you go grocery shopping, your groceries are packaged in a number of plastic or nylon bags which you'll later discard. Having a garden can help reduce this waste. Also when you have a garden, you don't buy more than what you need and then end up discarding it.
In your garden, you can plant tomatoes, vegetables, and numerous fruits. You can be certain your kids would love to help you out in the garden!

4. Buy organic cleaning products
Telling the difference between organic and inorganic products can be a bit tough considering these products are not labeled. But do not fret, there are ways you can spot the safer cleaning products for your home! When shopping for cleaning products, avoid products with phthalates and phosphates.
Also, smart moms, it's important that you are cautious of green-washing! These marketing campaigns claim their products are 100% organic. If the product has palm oil in it, avoid it. To clean or disinfect your home, natural ingredients such as salt, vinegar, lemon, and soda can help do the trick.

5. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle
Don't forget to recycle moms! Recycling is essential for organic living. It protects the environment and reduces waste. Don't throw away your plastics, glass, metal, and any other recyclable item. Encourage your children to recycle also. If you teach your children to recycle, they can teach their friends too, making the world a better place little by little!

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