5 Tips to Green Your Business Increase the Bottom Line and Favor with Consumer

Businesses play a great role in ensuring that the population has its needs catered and that there is the utilization of the available resources to create wealth. However, in the course of production, there is usually exploitation of the resources and pollution that contribute to climate change, the death of flora and fauna as well as depletion of vital resources for human survival. Below are easy ways that business owners around the world can run sustainable businesses.

Energy efficiency

A great deal of energy is consumed in business premises. Unfortunately, a huge chunk of power goes to waste. Lights should be shut off when no one is the room. Moreover, business should invest in energy-efficient technology. A good start is Energy Star certified office equipment, instead of the conventional bulbs.  LED and energy saver bulbs can suffice as well.

Increased resource productivity

 This is the act of getting more goods and services from less energy and material. This protects the raw materials from overexploitation and wastage. This can be achieved using the following practices.

•    Getting better technology for use in production

•    Redesigning goods and services to cut on waste

•    Using alternative materials that are more efficient

•    Reducing inefficiencies in the production of goods and services

Going green

Businesses can consider green energy to address the problem of fossil energy and energy inefficiency. This is the power that comes from such sources as solar wind, hydro, biomass or geothermal. These sources are renewable because it can be replenished continually. Many cities have incentive plans to encourage residents and business to consider purchasing renewable energy.

 Cut back on waste

In addition to raw material wastage, companies can cut back on operational waste at the premises using the following tips 

•    Reduce printing just the essential paperwork. The rest of the information can be sent digitally in emails. Where possible, one can print on both sides of the paper to cut on the number of sheets used.

•    Redesigning the packaging to cut wastage

•    Switching to reusable transport containers among others

•   Only buy paper sourced from sustainable forests

Conserve the water resource

Water consumption should be optimized to conserve the water and cut the business’s monthly water bill. This can be done efficiently in the following ways:

•    All leaking pipes, seals, and fixtures should be sealed

•    Business should consider installing water efficient appliances

•    Reuse gray water in such activities as maintaining the yard

•    Automate water shut-off controls to ensure that there is no wastage

•    Where possible correct rainwater in catchment areas or storage tanks

Corporate sustainability practices have now become commonplace. These practices were once an option, but due to the ongoing climate crisis have now become a necessity. Sustainable businesses practices have a positive impact on the environment, this is something the consumer looks favorably on and it adds to the bottom line of a business. When you go green in your business you will have a positive impact on the environment, your business will be perceived positively, and it will benefit the next generation.

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