5 Things You Can Repurpose Right Out of Your Closet and Pantry


Repurposing is the creative use of an item for something than it was originally intended for. This is a proven way of reducing waste and going green in the home. It saves good money as well. Some of the common items that you can repurpose out of your closet include:

  • Blue Denim
Your worn denim has more life even when it is in tatters. The simplest way to extend its days as wearing fabric is to turn it into a pair of shorts. Cut off the legs slightly above the knees to make very good around-the-house shorts. You can also cut it into parts and make very good tote bags and purses.

  • Milk Jugs
When your milk jug runs dry turn it into a plant jar. Makes a few holes at the bottom, fill three-quarters with a mixture of sand and compost and you have a good planting base for a seedling. A few of these plants around the house will give the house a touch of green. Turn a milk jug into a dirt scoop by cutting off the bottom at an angle.

  • Mesh Bags.
This is the bag that you get your onions in at the grocery store. It is possible to give the mesh bag a new life storing different items around the home. Use it for storing the numerous kitchenware items like paring knives, graters and so on before they go into the dishwasher. The meshes also make it ideal for storing wet items like your bath toys. They will drip dry very well. It can also make a very good scouring pad for pans. Cut a segment, twist it up and hold together with a rubber band.

  •  Shoe boxes
Do not throw away the shoe box after buying new shoes. This is a good container for use as a kitten litter box. Fill it with sand and place it at a corner for your kitten to do his stuff. You can also store numerous small items around the living room it like remotes, screwdrivers, nails, and tacks.

  • Canning Jars
The canning jar is very simple to repurpose, and it has become a common item in living rooms, study rooms, and home offices. Use it to hold small items like office stationery, gum pellets, or candy. Use it in décor to make pendant lights, terrariums and snow globes. Some adventurous people even serve cocktails in them. There is a whole community of Mason jar projects on Pinterest. Take a look at those.

There are many items that can be reused and repurposed.  All you have to do is to discover them and come up with your own creative uses that can benefit the earth.  Happy Repurposing!

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