5 Things Parents Should Teach Their Children About Recycling

In order for us to have a greener world, we must embrace and instill the principles of recycling right now in the youth of this generation. Parents can play a huge part in making the world a better place by simply teaching your children about recycling.  When you teach children the purpose behind reducing, reusing and recycling, you are instilling life-long values, and you are developing a responsible citizen for tommorrow. So, in what ways can children be taught how to recycle?

Demonstrate recycling

The first step should be explaining to the children the concept of recycling. It is easier to teach by demonstration.  When talking about recycling, have some recycled products nearby. There are plenty of products that are made of recycled material apart from the usual motley of glass and plastics. Interest the kids on the power of recycling by showing them more complex items made by recycling including electronics, fabrics, and toys.

Put up home recycling bins

Show the children what can and cannot be recycled.  Put up recycle bins at home with different labels. You can have a can for plastics, glass, aluminum, and paper.  Show the children the basics of waste sorting and what recycling can each kind goes into.

Have a cleanup

Ensure the lessons sink in by having cleanup activities. You can organize a cleanup around the block so that the children can cover a wider range of litter than what is usually found at home. You can also opt to clean up the Local Park or town square. Have the children sort out the waste correctly so that they can maybe differentiate heavy duty polythene and plastics. A cleanup will also show the children the importance of volunteering and being a part of making the world a better place.

Make a recycled product

Put recycling into practice by making a recycled or repurposed product. A good example is a paper Mache creation. Use a few old newspapers for the paper material. Explain the paper trail of how trees are turned into paper which in turn can be turned into paper again.

Visit a recycling plant

Take the children on a tour to a recycling center. The children will be pleased to see the magic in waste glass becoming useful glass once again as they are reproduced and made into different shapes and sizes. This is a lesson that will not be easily forgotten and will demystify the concept of industrial recycling.

Have a collective effort

Encourage the children to form a green club where they can discuss and do recycling and also other interesting environmental conservation concepts.

One of the greatest ways that we can invest in the next generation and help combat the climate crisis is by teaching children very early the importance and long term benefits. Happy Recycling!

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