5 Things Generation Z Can Do To Help Combat Climate Change

Generation Z is considered the future. As a result, it is important that they take necessary steps in order to make this world a better place to live. Climate change is considered the most concerned issue of this generation, therefore it is extremely important to involve Generation Z in order to combat climate change. Here is a list of 5 things that generation Z can do in order to help combat climate change.

1.      Get involved

Generation Z has the power and drive to get actively involved in different campaigns that focus on combating climate change. For example, they can contact the media and political representatives and tell them of the importance of  immediate action in the fight against climate change. In addition, Generation Z can remind legislators about steps that need to be taken in order to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases. Gen Z is 1/4 of the population so they have the political weight and power to influence politicians who promise the support of climate initiatives.

2.       Be energy efficient

Generation Z grew up during the technology revolution. As a result, they are savvy in communications and making connections with these products. They are aware of being energy efficient and using electronic products that minimize the consumption of energy. This knowledge enables this generation to embrace the opportunities to contribute towards combating climate change. There are many energy efficient replacements available for products that we use on a daily basis. For example, fluorescent bulbs can be replaced by LED bulbs to save energy. It is up to Generation Z to bring the much needed change and educate the older generations about the energy efficient replacements available.

3.      Trim the waste

Garbage and landfills produce a lot of methane which is one of the potent greenhouse gases. If the this generation can trim its wasteful usage, they will be able to minimize the amount of waste that is dumped. As a result, they can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Being responsible and incorporating recyclable packaging and practices is a vital and responsible option.

4.       Donate and support

There are organizations that work hard to develop effective solutions which can combat climate change. Gen Z can support these organizations with their time or by donating their money. There are many organizations that have been established over the past decade that completely focus on methods and ways to combat climate change.

5.       Eat wisely

And last but definitely not least, Generation Z should embrace organic lifestyles and eating wisely. In other words, the consumption of processed food items should be minimized. Studies have shown that 18% of the methane gases produced take place as a result of meat consumption. Gen Z can help reduce these methane gas emissions and the greenhouse effect by making better choices with items such as more poultry and organic produce.

This generation will feel the brunt of the destruction that climate change will cause, but every generation has a responsibility to live a green lifestyle that will benefit all generations for years to come. 


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