5 Recycling Tips That Can Help Create a Sustainable Kitchen

Going green in your kitchen area can contribute to a greener and more sustainable world.  Many moms think of a kitchen makeover in terms of new chrome, steel, varnished wood surfaces and those things that make the kitchen visually appealing.  The process of transitioning to a green kitchen is a makeover in itself. Everyone should embrace the idea and be enthusiastic about recycling and going green in the kitchen.  Going green is very rewarding. It has a financial benefit and will make you feel good about doing something to bring about positive change in the world. How can you go green in the kitchen? Here are some ways.

Sort your waste

Learn to sort waste. There is organic waste which is anything that can rot and that includes leftover food, and vegetable peelings or breads. There is also plastic waste that is polythene paper, plastic cans, and bottles that should be separated in its own container. Separate the metallic and glass waste which is mainly bottles and cans from the grocery shopping.

You could opt to have 4 waste containers one each for cans, plastic, waste fruit and food, and paper.  A simpler way is to have 3 containers one for everything organic, one for everything that can be recycled like plastics and metallic cans, and one for paper.

Recycle containers and jars

Converting plastic and metallic cans and containers for other use is a way to reduce waste. Instead of buying containers at the store try repurposing those that are no longer needed.  Glass honey jars can be used to hold sugar and salt for example.  Items such as mixing bowls, utensils, cutting boards, and tableware can be made from recycled material.

Recycle your water

Water is a scarce commodity in the world. Even if your tap is ever flowing, try to conserve as much as possible. Waste water can be directed into a holding container for more uses outside the kitchen. Adding a dash of lime to scummy and soapy kitchen water separates this scum and leaves the water relatively clear. You can use it in the garden and lawn to water flowers and grass. It can also be used to wash the paving.

Recycle your electronics

Kitchen electronics like mixers or toasters should not go to the trash can when they fail.  There are ways that electronic parts in these items can be recycled for other items like inexpensibe computers that are distributed for charity. Some companies like EBay support these initiatives. Search online for a local partner.

Recycling reminders

Constant reminders about what, how and when to recycle improves the chances of success for the family. A quick way to incorporate a reminder system is to place some simple stickers near the trash cans to remind them to simply sort the waste. You will be surprised what a little sticker with some instructions will do. Happy recycling!

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