5 Reasons Reusable Bamboo Towels are Better for the Environment

With the alarm of the world shrieking its rescue, man has started conceiving ways that will not only terminate the usage and production of toxic elements in the environment but is aiming at employing these innovative ideas in everybody's lifestyle and mechanism. One such invention is that of the reusable bamboo paper towels that come with a high-quality texture along with hypoallergenic, long-lasting and absorbent characteristics. Apart from this, here are 5 ways in which these sheets of cloth help the environment too.

It complements the other two “R”s

When it comes to the preservation of the environment, there are three inevitable “R”s that man as responsible beings must follow, and they are, “Reuse”, “Reduce” and “Recycle”. While the rest of the world is striving for formulas that would curate materials that can be reused and recycled over time, the reusable bamboo towels are already a step ahead of them. All of us will agree that the production of a certain item grows only when it is used more, which leads us to the fact that these materials are discarded in the land and water bodies only after one use. But in the case of the bamboo paper towels, their highly durable and absorbent properties require only a small amount of these sheets to be used at a time and moreover, can be used over and over again for fresh use.

A natural alternative

While some people might have formed a superficial bubble that cotton is the most comfortable and convenient fabric that can be used when it comes to a towel, but with the introduction of bamboo, this perception will soon be changed. You will be beyond surprised to know that to grow and maintain cotton, cultivators use 25% of insecticides and 12% pesticides and only 3% of the total amount is grown on land while the rest is synthetically processed. Growing and processing bamboo in farmlands that are further used for manufacturing the towels have a swifter rate of development and doesn't require any additives to catalyze it. Further, proper cultivation of bamboo prevents soil erosion and due to its close growth, it can endure crises like droughts and floods.

Doesn’t require extra investment

To escape increased investment for escalating the rate and volume of production, growers use a bunch of illegal and harmful techniques that prove hazardous for the environment later. Not only does the soil become susceptible to erosion and infertility, but the materials derived from these plants are not suitable for human health. The bamboo plants don't need to be cultivated through such techniques; they grow in large numbers through self-pollination thus confirming the "natural" label on these towels and making it appropriate even for the children’s use.

Discourages global warming

Promoting the use of bamboo paper towels over all the other materials available in the market also helps in discouraging the uncontrolled influence of Global Warming. The bamboo plantations are responsible for absorbing the greenhouse gases at a swift rate and to balance it out generates more than 35-37% of the total oxygen present in the air. Reducing the use of plastic and other hazardous elements is not the only solution to save the earth, considering the amount of damage we have already caused, we need to encourage and introduce essentials like towels made of bamboo in our daily chores.

Faster decomposition

A sheet of bamboo paper towel when completely exhausted can be simplistically recycled; but with the uninformed who are not aware of these terms or don't have access to recycling options will simply dispose of them in the garbage. However, the good news here is that bamboo doesn't take much time to decompose with the soil and keeps away from infusing harmful elements in it.


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