5 Quick Tips to Creating an Organic Green Bathroom

The bathroom is the place you visit first in the morning and last before going to bed. The bathroom is a place where you can also be exposed to germs . How can you leave such an important place filled with bacteria all the time? Your bathroom is the best place to go green as it has the most amount of resource usage as compared to any other area in your house. A green bathroom can leave a good impact on the environment. Here are some green bathroom tips just for you.
Save Water for a green bathroom
Shower heads with a low flow save water by almost 30%. Try changing your shower head if it's older. Also, make sure there is no water leakage anywhere in the bathroom. Saving water in your bathroom will not only be eco-friendly but it will also save money on your water bill. Make sure you don't leave the water tap open while brushing your teeth or while shaving. Also, when you are waiting for water to heat up, try storing the cold water in the shower. You can water your plants with this water that usually goes unused. Furthermore, you can time your shower which will further help save water and create step towards a green bathroom.
Keep your bathroom clean
The first step in creating a green bathroom is to make sure it is all clean and tidy. You can use a dishwasher for cleaning accessories like a soap holder or a toothbrush hanger. Also, you can soak showerheads and taps in vinegar to wash water or soap deposits. You can use wipes to clean spaces between draws and cupboards. After a long day, you can then spend your time washing in a relaxing place not filled with germs.

Use natural products
When greening your bathroom begin by using natural products. Natural bathroom products are easily available and reduce the risk of chemicals spreading in your bathroom. Chemicals can be harmful to your skin and body. Instead of using a typical bathroom cleaner, make your very own all-natural cleaner by mixing lemons with vinegar. You can also make bathroom cleaner with baking soda and vinegar or some elbow grease. This will not only be healthy for you but can also be cost effective. Also, make sure you use an environmentally friendly toilet paper such as WHOLEROLL made from bamboo pulp.
Keep a check on your appliances
Keep a check on your bathroom appliances in a bid to keep your bathroom green. Make sure all the appliances are working well and are upgraded to be eco-friendly. You can try installing appliances that have motion sensors that turn off water automatically when you are not using it. Also, make sure you replace any faulty appliance from your bathroom on time as it is more exposed to germs. Moreover, install a shower timer to keep water flow usage down. That will not only save you time and water but will also play a role in making your bathroom completely green. Also, there are high-tech toilets that can help you control water usage and temperatures that can help to save resources.

Avoid Disposables and Go Organic
Anyone can do this. Avoid using disposables in your bathroom, especially when there is a good recyclable substitute available. Don't use tissue papers or handkerchiefs that are not recyclable or made from bamboo. Also, after shaving, make sure you dispose of the used razor properly. Furthermore, when purchasing towels for your bathroom, try to avoid towels made of conventional cotton. The reason behind it is that conventional cotton-growing techniques are one of the most chemical-intensive farming operations in the world. Try to opt for towels made of organic cotton instead. Similarly, while buying other accessories try to go as organic as you can. This will benefit your health and also help you maintain your green bathroom.

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