5 Quick Habits To Help! You Lose that Last 10Lbs

Simple is always better of course.  But are you willing to go the extra mile and stick with these simple practices that just might make the difference in those last ten pounds you are trying to lose. Lets take a look at 5 things you can do right now to help you get rid of those last ten pounds naturally.

Leave the Table Alone 

Ok this might be just a little messy but it works. If you are already kind of messy you might have already been doing this and not knowing. Whatever you are eating whether it is candy, nuts, chicken with bones or any other scraps, leave it on the table. I know that sounds a bit gross, but it can be a visual reminder of all that you have eaten and cause you to stop!

Have a Schedule You Eat On 

Yes, what you eat is important, but what time you eat is just as important. Fasting is good when it is done in an appropriate way, but if you sacrifice eating all day and then think it's ok to binge at night, you are defeating the purpose. It is best to eat on a schedule and to eat healthy small meals throughout the day.  This will keep the cravings down and your metabolism working.

Yes, Eat Yogurt- It is Your Friend

Oh how that Hershey's chocolate bar looks so creamy and delicious. And it does, but it will wreak havoc on your gut. Try incorporating yogurt into your daily diet. Everything begins and ends in the gut.  Yogurt helps to keep the bacteria in the gut in balance. This directly influences your weight and your mental faculties because the gut is directly tied to the brain. Yogurt has also been found to increase your metabolism

Veggies Every Meal

Vegetables are fantastic for your health. Vegetables keep the gut motility functioning properly and aids in digestion. How does this happen. Most all vegetables contain a good amount of fiber. It will keep your system working properly, keeps you fuller and when you fill fuller you will eat less.

Warm Lemon Water  

Don't start your day off with an ice cold Coke or even a large glass of orange juice.  Instead, the best way to get that system clean and the metabolism working is lemon water especially warm. Lemon water cleanses the insides and acts like an antioxidant filtering out toxins in the body. It will also neutralize your system in the case of being too alkaline.

So you want to lose that extra 10 pounds and you have done all that you can, then add these 5 tips and watch the scale move.

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