5 Natural Remedies for A Sunburn

Sunburn is the irritated or burnt skin that happens due to the exposure of the sun. Everyone experiences it at some time in their life but a lot of people don't realize it as it is not always visible. Sunburn has more to do with the cells under your skin. The rays from sunlight penetrate your skin and damage it with time. Moreover, it cannot only prematurely age your skin but can also lead to skin cancer.
Because of this, you must get immediate care and attention to heal. When discussing cures for sunburn, natural remedies are considered the best. The best cure for sunburn is to prevent it from happening at first. Here is a list of 5 natural remedies to cure sunburn.
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is considered the king of plants when it comes to having natural ingredients with skin-related benefits. It is a simple solution for sunburn. Aloe Vera boosts moisture preventing dryness and making it difficult for sunlight rays to damage your skin.  Aloe Vera plant or its oil can be put in the refrigerator for a while before applying it to the damaged skin. This will cool down the skin and help get rid of the itching that occurred because of sunburn. Not only that, aloe vera is simply a good natural source of treatment for all skin and hair related issues.

Green Tea
Just like aloe vera, green tea leaves can also do wonders to your skin when it has been sunburnt. It can protect skin from sunburn, and it soothes your skin and helps restore it faster. To treat sunburn with green tea, soak some green tea bags in cold water and squeeze it to remove the extra water. You can then apply it to the damaged skin and witness the healing process take place.
White Vinegar
White vinegar can also do wonders for a sunburn. Vinegar can cure sunburn by incorporating the following processes.
  • Spray a combination of water and vinegar to the affected skin.
  • Add diluted vinegar to your cool bath.
  • Soak a washcloth in vinegar and pat it on damaged skin.
Be very careful though because vinegar can have its own burns if it's not diluted properly. Make sure the vinegar is diluted before you apply it to your skin.
Tomatoes and buttermilk
There's another natural cure for sunburn and that is by using tomatoes and buttermilk. How do you put these two together? Here’s how. Mix one part of tomatoes in 6 parts of buttermilk. It it will take shape of a lotion. You can then apply this homemade natural lotion to your burnt skin. Tomatoes have a lot of vitamins that help restore the skin. Also, tomatoes soothe your skin helping with the itchiness caused by sunburn. Similarly, buttermilk is a very good probiotic that helps your skin get its glow back.
Take a cool bath but avoid Soaps
And lastly, you can take a cool bath and cold compresses instead of putting harsh soaps or chemicals on the body. Soaps will dry your skin resulting in more irritation and an even damaged skin. Make sure you don't take a bath for too long either as this can also be drying. A technique that further dries your skin won't help with sunburn. You can also use ice water for a cold compress to relieve the damaged skin. Once your skin is sunburn, allow it to cool down first. Then avoid going in the sun until your skin recovers completely. You can learn more about sunburn and how you can treat it.

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