5 Natural Herbs that Are Good For Relieving Stress and Anxiety

The busy lifestyle along with the frustrations that we face every day can cause considerable amount of stress in our lives. Stress can get to a point where we are not able to carry out our daily activities effectively as we should.

 In addition to finding ways to counter the stress, you can use some natural herbs to relieve the tension that comes with the stress to relax and work efficiently. Here are some of the natural herbs that you can use to relieve anxiety and stress

Passion flower

 Passion flower works well and very similar to some of the commonly used benzodiazepine medications in dealing with anxiety. Studies by University of Maryland Medical center has also shown that passionflower works just like oxazepam. However, unlike oxazepam, the passionflower does not cause drowsiness. Passionflower also deals with other stress related problems such as irritability and agitation.  You should take one cup of passionflower teach three times daily or 45 drops of its extract daily.


Lavender oil extract is effective against anxiety related problems and does not cause any sedative effects on the user. It also well tolerated by people who have problems with benzodiazepines. A dosage of 80 mg a day of the supplement effectively deals with general anxiety. The oil can also be used as an aromatherapy solution.

Licorice root

This herb contains a natural hormone that works like cortisone. Cortisone is a hormone that   helps you handle the stressful situations.  Licorice root can normalize the blood sugar as well as your adrenals that help with dealing with stress. The root also calms the mind. You can use it with warm tea twice a day as a soothing tonic.


Kava is a Polynesian wonder herb that calms an anxious mind. The roots of the herb are brewed to create a drink that calms anxiety. It is a mind sedative that does not cause drowsiness or interrupt cognition. You can take a kava brew twice a day for better performance.


This is an amazing herb that works like ragweed. It can be brewed with tea or used as a supplement. It has been used over the years to calm tense nerves and ease the mind. It has a mild sedating quality and can be used to help those who have trouble getting asleep. You can take it with a cup of coffee by dropping a few flowers in your cup or brewing it with water. 

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