5 Low Budget Tips to Give Your Old Bathroom a Lift

Do you know there are some bathrooms that are classic and they just never go out of style because of the classic lines, colors and designs. Then there are the old fashioned mint green and pink tiles of yesteryear that needed an overhaul a long time ago. So how can you spruce it up and give it a more modern look. Let's look a few ways to give that vintage old look some pizzazz.

1) Artwork

One way to mitigate the tile on the wall is to find great artwork. There is usually one or two spaces you can find in a small bathroom that can enhance the whole room with just a new piece of artwork. You will be amazed at how it can transform that space into a retreat.

2)Paint the Tiles

Who said you have to knock out the tile and replace it in order to get the new look you want.  All you have to do is get you some paint to change the look. You will need a good primer and be sure to consult a professional painter at your local paint shop for some advice before you actually do it yourself.

3)Pay attention to details

In a vintage bathroom, you will sometimes find that the electrical outlets are placed above the tiles.  Yes, this most definitely can be an eye sore. What can you do? When you paint the walls, make sure that you paint the outlets the exact same color so the outlet blends in with the wall. This helps to mask the presence of the outlet.  If you are using this bathroom for your children, a night light will fit just perfect to camouflage as well and can be a light during the night for the children.

4) Get New Fixtures

It is pretty amazing how new fixtures such as a water faucet and new lighting can completely change the ambiance in a bathroom. Don't worry if you can't completely redo everything. Invest in the details of new faucets and sconces to update your new look.

5)Wallpaper it

Wallpaper has not gone out of style. In fact many use it as accent pieces on their walls to give the bathroom added dimension and color. Decide what theme you are trying to achieve in your new look and find a wallpaper that complements that theme and use it on an accent wall for a new look without spending a fortune.

Sprucing up your bathroom does not have to blow your budget. If you just focus on the minor details, you will be amazed at what paint, a fixture or how wallpaper can make all the difference in the world.



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