5 Green Tips for the New Eco Mom

What does it really take to live the life of a new ecofriendly mom. To completely change your entire households habits to green.  Yes, it can seem like a lot, but it is possible to do when you finally make your mind up to live green and preserve the environment for you and your child.  Follow these tips to get started as a new green mom.

Make Your Own Puree

1. Yes that store bought food is expensive and not to mention you are constantly throwing away those little glass bottles. Try making your own puree with mash potatoes and other fruits and vegetables to eliminate waste.

Use Cloth Diapers 

2. Yes using cloth diapers was once a thing of the past. Cloth diapers are all the rage now. You save money and your babies little bottom will stay rash free and fresh because it can breath and no longer will you have to deal with the disposal of the cloth diapers which can take many years to break down in a landfill.

Invest in Recycled Clothing

3. Kids grow out of clothing so very fast. Sometimes it can seem worthless to invest in an expensive clothing brand for babies. Try shopping at thrift stores. You will often find great buys for little to nothing and sometimes the clothing are just like brand new. Also remember that when you shop at a thrift store you are recycling.

Use Homemade Cleaners

4. We of course all know that being a mommy deals with a lot of cleaning. We want to keep the house and kids room smelling super fresh and germ free. Well you don't have to go spend a fortune on all those chemical-laden cleaners to do the job.  You have natural cleaners such as essentials oils and vinegar to get you going.

Use Wooden Toys not Plastic Ones

5. Are you on the quest to buy your children more toys, well swap out those plastic ones for wooden ones as much as you possibly can. Make sure the wooden toys are finished with a natural stain. These organic toys are so much better, healthier and cuter than the plastic. Plus, less germs.

Hey, its time to get started mommy on your new ecofriendly adventure. 

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