5 Great Kitchen Recycling Ideas

Over the course of a weeks time, we can accumulate a lot of trash in our kitchens. While garbage is not happen to a topic which anyone loves to talk about, getting ways to keep the waste at minimum or reusing some of the products can have a positive impact on your wallet, reduce your carbon footprint and is ecofriendly. Here are five great kitchen recycling ideas that you should try.

1.      Reuse the plastics for planting and storage

Those plastic containers that are used to deliver milk, soft drinks, and drinking water can be used as storage containers for small items such as crayons, clothing pegs, pencils and can be used to store some of your herbs that are wrapped in paper. They can also be cut on top and used to plant your flowers and herbs in your backyard.

2.     Use wine bottles for decorations around home

Wine bottles can make great decoration stands. Some can be used as vases for planting flowers to use as centerpieces in the living room while others can be used as candle holders. Wine bottles also make good wall hangings. Large wine bottles can be used as stands for low lying coffee tables in the living room.

3.      Make toys from used containers

 Forget buying toys from stores and create your own toys from used plastic containers and soft drink cans. You can make everything from containers such as dolls, cars, kites and so much more. Most of these toys do not require any special skills to create and you will make the kids happy while also taking care of the environment.

4.      Use organic waste to grow vegetables in the backyard

Use the organic waste from the kitchen as fertilizer for your kitchen garden. With this composted waste, you can eliminate having to buy chemical fertilizers from the stores. You can bury waste as it is or creates a compost pit where you make compost manure. If you do not have a garden, you can make one using plastic gallons and sacks.

5.      Use energy drink cans to create cookie molds

Cut the soft drink cans to create different shapes that you can use to make all different kinds of shapes for your cookies. The cans are easy to cut into shape with a pair of scissors and can be joined with glue. Be innovative and come up with all kinds of shapes with the cans.

When you look for ways to recycle kitchen waste or living room waste that ultimately ends up in the kitchen, you are helping to keep the world green. You can start today reducing, reusing and recycling in your kitchen and have lots of fun when doing it.

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