5 Great Benefits of the Paleo Diet

The paleo diet is meant to be diet as close to natural as man was supposed to have his food. This hunter/gatherer model diet features more proteins, lots of vegetables and fruits and medium carbs. This diet eliminates sugar and processed foods opting for raw or freshly cooked food. What are the top benefits of adopting a paleo diet?
Better immunity

A paleo diet contains high doses of minerals and vitamins as raw food is higher in these micronutrients that are sometimes destroyed by cooking. A paleo diet is good for a boosted immunity. The body is able to fight off common illnesses like the common cold, and heal wounds faster. 
Paleo diet is also ideal for people sensitive to common allergens including gluten. The absence of processed wheat gives the body the full benefits of whole grain which also involves better digestion.
Reduced inflammation
The source of proteins on paleo diets includes free range eggs, fresh fish, and nuts. All these foods are highly rich in healthy fats and oils including Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These nutrients battle inflammation, particularly in people of middle to advanced ages. This lowers the chances of suffering from inflammatory diseases including peptic ulcers and atherosclerosis. People suffering these ailments see a significant change as inflamed joints and linings subside.

Better metabolism

Higher protein intake than carb intake changes the way a body is used to burning fat for energy. This is because proteins are metabolized at a slower rate but pack more calories in weight than carbohydrates.

Protein intake curbs those hunger pangs which reduce the need for snacking and other bad eating habits. Lower carb intake also keeps blood sugar levels stable. You will eat only when it is necessary which has the added benefit of maintaining healthy body weight.

Lower cholesterol levels

Paleo diets have non-existent or low levels of  Low-Density Lipoproteins which is the type of cholesterol that is also known as 'bad cholesterol.' A paleo diet gives a better lipid profile. This means that you at a lower risk of heart disease and inflammation.

Sustained healthy weight

A paleo diet is low in processed sugars which are the leading contributors to unhealthy weight gain. Lower carb levels leave little sugar for the body to store as fat. The protein intake also maintains a feeling of fullness for longer reducing the need for unhealthy snacking and sugar cravings.

Combined with an exercise routine, a paleo diet can lead to sustained weight loss and lower risk to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

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