5 Environmentally-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of the year again -- yes, it's spring cleaning season!

Spring cleaning offers a sizzling opportunity to stay on top of the cleanliness of your home after winter-long neglect. Call it the holy grail of cleaning; this is also the best time to declutter, spruce up your living spaces, and breathe a new life into your home.

Want to up the ante? Try the following eco-friendly tips to take your spring cleaning to a whole new level.

#1. Buy and Use Eco-friendly spring cleaning products

If you are a green living champion, you might as well start off with products that will not dump oodles of toxic substances into our environment. Even better, if you are up to a DIY challenge, you can whip your own homemade cleaners, disinfectants, and whatnot. Here are a few eco-friendly techniques to get you started:

Floors: to make a homemade  floor cleaner, blend about a gallon of hot water with 4 cups of distilled vinegar (preferably white). If you are looking to add a touch of sweet scent, infuse a few drops of lemon oil or fresh peppermint. Mop your floor as usual and feel great for giving the environment a new lease of life.

Glass/Windows: mix a quarter cup of vinegar and a quart of water and put the mixture in a spray bottle.Clean your glass items with a lint free cloth or old newspaper. 

Bathroom tiles & granite countertops: those messy kitchen countertops and bathroom floors/walls can look spin and span with the help of vinegar, water, and baking soda mix.

Toilet bowl: little baking soda can go a long way to making your toilet bowl sparkle and while you are at it don't forget to stock up on your organic bathroom tissue WHOLEROLL.

Mildew or mold: try straight vinegar and a little lemon oil for that waft of heavenly scent

#2. Infuse a little greenery into your living spaces

Add a few houseplants this spring cleaning; they’ll give more beauty, elegance, and functionality to your rooms. Peace lilies are my favorite.

#3. Dry-Hang your Laundry

If you are going all out this spring cleaning, the chances are that you’re going to do a ton of laundry. Drying your laundry using the gas or electric dryer isn’t just hard on your lovely clothes, but also bad for the environment. Instead, hang dry your clothes if the sun is out.

#4. Declutter Your Closets

The chance is that you’ve amassed plenty of items you don’t need in your closet. Recycle if possible, purge those that can fetch few bucks or donate to nearest Salvation Army or Goodwill store.

#5. Invest in a Reusable Mob

Rather than spend lots of cash on single-use Swiffer pads, try a buying a strong, reusable mob.

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