4 Ways to Be Successful at Juicing

The saying "health is wealth" is so very true.  If you don't have good health then really nothing else matters. So how do you keep your body in prime shape and in good health. People all over the world search for answers in so many different places. Some people travel to far lands. Some bathe in pure hot springs or holy waters. You can rest assure that there is not just one way to maintain and stay relatively healthy.

Our objective though is to focus on juicing. What do I mean by juicing? Juicing is when someone extracts juice from fresh fruits and vegetables and make them into a cocktail of phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins. that serves the body well. So what are the best ways to be successful and see the greatest benefits when juicing?

  1. Always drink it fresh - Many people don't realize that fresh juice can develop bacteria at an extremely rapid rate. It is important not to wait to drink or even store it away if you don't have to. Make just enough for you at the moment. Drinking it right away keeps the vitamins from being destroyed and you will get the maximum benefits when you do so.
  2. Choose quality fruits and vegetables - Going organic can be very expensive, but investing in your health is the best investment that you can make. When purchasing fruit, look for high quality produce that has not been exposed to pesticides. This is usually the organic produce.  If you cannot go completely organic, you can mix it up and still reap good benefits.
  3. Don't throw away the pulp - Pulp has lots of vitamins. A lot of people throw it away, but it contains nutrients that you can't get in juice alone. If you are not someone who likes the pulp, you can compost it or use it in other creative ways when preparing your favorite dishes.
  4. Try out many different types of produce - So you're stuck on your apples, bananas and oranges and don't want anything else. Hey, don't limit yourself. You can find hundreds of different types of fruits and vegetables that contain different vitamins and minerals that are good for maximum function of every part of the body. You know, this is all they had centuries ago to maintain health and longevity. You simply just ate right. No carbs, no sweets or fast food. Just eat from the land. So, be adventurous and take your favorite fruits and mix it with something you have not tried before.
There is no better place to find health and healing than to partake of the land. Natural herbs and holistic methods have been around for centuries and will continue to be around as long as the earth remains. When you eat green, you are giving your body what it was created to digest and nourish you with. All at the same time.

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