4 Tips to Green Your Home this Christmas

The festive season is here and Christmas 2019 is knocking at our doors. The souls are cheerful and the faces are merry. The air all around smells of fresh cakes and chocolates. The Black Friday shopping list is ready and people have already started planning the decorations in their homes. Children are busy making their wish list for Santa and lovers planning their Christmas date. The whole scene sends a positive happy vibe to all of us. If Christmas receives so much attention, why not think of the betterment of mother earth just for a while? Can we not do anything this year and for the rest to come, such that we reduce the deep pit of misfortune that the earth is drowning in? The climatic conditions are degrading day by day. The average temperature is rising, glaciers are melting and the sea water level is rising. Natural calamities taking place now and then is a proof that our planet is also giving up on its survival gradually.

As inhabitants of the earth, it is solely our responsibility to make efforts that will be good for the environment. We may not be able to take major steps, but even little drops of water add to the ocean. A small step can lead to a revolution. Ask the famous climate activist Greta Thunberg who is a wonderful example of this. She is fighting fearlessly for the improvement of the climactic condition of the earth without caring for equivalent responses. Even if we are in a blissful mood now and these are gloomy topics to think about, still let us give it a chance. This Christmas, let us begin greening our home by doing small acts that can make a difference. Remember, charity begins at home!

HANDMADE DECORATIONS: From wall hangings to Christmas tree decorations, everything can be made at home. You can use the papers that you won’t need and make various origami and cute little flags to hang on the wall. The unused boxes that come with your appliances can be cut into shapes and wrapped with unused papers to make beautiful tree decorations and Santa dolls.

DITCH THE DISPOSABLES: This Christmas, do not use the disposable dishes to serve food to your guests. You can use the sets of porcelain dishes lying in your cupboard this year. Though a little labor will be needed to wash those, but then what is the dishwasher for? Disposable dishes add to the non biodegradable wastes of the earth.

LOW ENERGY LIGHTS: Decoration with lights is a must on Christmas. If it cannot be avoided at all, at least you can buy low energy lights which consist of LEDs. They are very low power consuming. You can also set timers for lighting them up.

SMOKE FREE CHRISTMAS: Fireworks add to the air pollution of the earth. Try and reduce the amount of fireworks on Christmas Eve and the New Year because it can degrade the air we breathe.


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