4 Tips to Get Your Home SOLD and Sold Fast

Want to sell your home really fast. Well we all know setting the right price and definitely making a  first impression is a must to attract the buyers that you want. But, surely that can't be all and you are right. You need to keep the offers rolling in and here are tips to help you keep them coming in.

Get the Price Right in The Beginning

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that listing your home at a very high price and then trying to negotiate or lower it if you don't get any offers.  This is a recipe for losing sales. The best activity for your home will always be that first 30 days so it is important to get this right from the beginning or you will lose the buyer and their agents

Declutter Your Home

Of course you want your home to be clean. Who sells a dirty house unless you are flipping a house. So cleaning your home is a must first. To sell your home fast you want the buyer to envision him or herself in the home. How do you do this?  Make the home as neutral as possible. Remove all family photos and extra personal items that you can so you won't distract the potential buyers eye. Give them a clean slate to look at. This helps sell the home fast.

Update the Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is everything. It is the first thing people see. If the inside is beautiful but the outside is a mess, people will always remember the first thing they saw. In fact if the curb appeal does nothing for the house, some people won't even want to view the inside of the home. They will keep on driving by.  So get the curb appeal right.

Remove Pet Paraphernalia 

Who doesn't love a pet? You would think everyone, but there are some people who don't want any pets in their home. Make sure your pet is not home when showing the home and put all the pet items such as the kennel or cat litter boxes away as to make it a home where you would not have known if a pet lived there or not. The bottom line is to keep it neutral because you just don't know what your buyers taste or liking may be.

List Your Home on All Online Portals

When people get ready to purchase a home, they immediately go to the online portals to see what is available. Your agent is usually responsible for this, but you can be proactive as well making sure all the bases are covered. Sites such as Zillow and Trulia are great resources to list on.  Social media is another great place to list your home. Millions of people are on Facebook so why not showcase your home that's for sale right where they are.

Selling a home fast is not always easy, but when you utilize these basic tips it will only aid in speeding up the process to get it sold.


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