4 Tips to Create an Organic and Nature Inspired Nursery

When having a baby and putting together a nursery, people will often choose blue décor for a boy, pink for a girl, and yellow if they don’t know the gender of the child. However, there are other natural organic and beautiful gender-neutral colors that exist for a nursery. Here are some suggestions.

  • White – Choosing white as the base color for your nursery will produce a clean, airy look. You can then select a multitude of other colors as accessories to keep the room from appearing too sterile. For example, a white crib with white bedding will look excellent when matched with a colorful mobile overhead or colorful wall art. You can place a multi-colored cushion on the seat of a white rocking chair in the room. Also, multi-colored curtains will play nicely against white wall paint.
  • Green – Various shades of green will bring the look of nature into any nursery. You can select a pale green for the walls with a darker green carpet or area rug placed in front of the crib. For the crib, a lovely dark wood paired with grass-green bedding will look fabulous. If you want to include another color for contrast, try orange or yellow. For example, you can paint a mural on one wall that looks like a green forest filled with orange and yellow birds.

  • Purple – Using multiple shades of purple, such as violet, orchid, and lavender produces an excellent gender-neutral look in a nursery. Opt for a lighter orchid or lavender for most of your décor choices and accent those pieces with a dark purple or violet color. If those colors seem too overwhelming, mix some white into the room to tone down the look, so your nursery feels more serene.
  • Blue & Pink – You can mix these two colors to infuse both a masculine and feminine feeling into the room. Instead of baby blue, choose a slate blue that blends blue and gray hues for a fabulous look. Instead of pastel pink, select a rosy pink. Combine these two with off-white walls for a result that everyone will love.
Don’t think that you’re restricted by specific colors when you have a baby. You can stay with traditional color choices if you love those hues however, if you want something different that’s also gender-neutral, natural and organic looking, consider the above colors as possible choices for your nursery.

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