4 Tips That You Can Employ to Preserve the Beauty of Nature

With all the talk about going green, have you been wondering how to employ the same with regard to nature? Nature encompasses a plethora of varieties of plants, trees, and animals that can be found on the planet. With man’s continued destructive activities to the environment, we can see that nature and its ecosystem suffers just as much. It is therefore increasingly hard to find some species of plants or animals that these destructive practices have not affected in one way or another. What can you do to help preserve the environment and earth in which we live.

Get a plant-based Diet

While it is quite natural to want meat, switching to a plant-based diet works wonders for nature. Not only can you grow some of your foods without the use of heavy chemicals as many food-growing industries. Besides, you reduce your contribution to environmental problems which according to the UN report, “Livestock’s Long Shadow-Environmental Issues and Options,” livestock is among the top contributors to environmental problems due to release of greenhouse gas. They also need grain which reduces the amount available for human consumption. Hence a plant-based diet is a great way to eat healthy, reduce emissions and protect the environment and nature. Find out more at www.globalstewards.org/ecotips.htm

Water Conservation

Another way you can take care of nature is by conserving water. Water which is a critical resource should be conserved as much as possible, and it all starts with you. Here are a few tips to help you conserve water and the bonus is that  it also reduces your water bill.

  • ·         Set water reduction goals for example, aim to consume at least 10 % less of the amount you currently consume.
  • ·         Use water saving products and start exercising and enforcing habits such as shorter showers, watering the plants outside in the morning or evening and turning faucets off when they are not in use.
  • ·         Plant more native plants as they do not require much watering and maintenance.
  • ·         Use drip irrigation methods for your plants rather than employ the use of sprinklers and other overhead irrigation methods that consume a lot of water.

Eco-Friendly Gardening

Gardening is a great way to propagate nature, create a connection to it and appreciate its value. By composting, creating habitats for birds, mulching and practicing other eco-friendly tips, you can do your part in preserving nature.

Other Ways to Take Care of Nature

·         Don’t release balloons outdoors. They can land on open water which can harm the animals and fish.

·         Volunteer and make regular visits to your local parks.

·         Mobilize friends and family to plant and water trees regularly.

·         Practice outdoor ethics when hiking by leaving no trace. Visit www.lnt.org for more information.

·         Join restoration groups to clean up the environment. Groups such as VolunteerMatch – www.volunteermatch.org welcomes volunteers.

      These tips have been proven effective to protect nature and the earths resources. One day and one step at a time can make a difference to preserve the beauty of nature.

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