4 Essential Oils You Must Add to Your Bath

Are you tired of being tired and you just need a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Of course you deserve a break today. How about a nice long luxurious bath filled with aromatic essential oils that can help take the edge off and help you relax all the better. Essential oils are wonderful at helping you relax.  Not only is it relaxing, but it also is very good for the body.  Essential oils can distribute over the body and help release toxins. Essential oils can also help to improve circulation, maintain positive thoughts, soothe your skin and help you experience comfort in a time of sickness. 
Before using any essential oils, there are certain things that you should remember. First, the essential oil should not be mixed with water directly, mix it with a good carrier oil first. Also, don't put oil in before putting water in the bathtub. Fill the tub first and then add essential oils for best results.
There are many different kinds of essential oils. Every essential oil can help you according to its nature. We suggest some of the following essential oils that are easy to make and have awesome benefits.
Lavender - helps in sleeping and relaxation
A night without sleep is a day of misery. You deserve to relax and get a goodnight sleep. Here are some tips to getting your bath ready for total relaxation. Make your essential oil by adding 4 drops of chamomile in 3 drops of frankincense and 5 drops of lavender. Add about 20 ml of any carrier oil and put the mixture in your bathtub. This will not only relax you but it will continue on in the bedroom to hopefully give you a full night of sleep. Sleep is must to a rejuvenated and healthy lifestyle. 

Lemongrass - soothe your muscles 
To help soothe your sore muscles, you can make your own essential oil by adding 4 drops of lemongrass into 3 drops of lavender and 5 drops of sweet marjoram. Add about 20 ml of carrier oil into it and mix it in the bath. This essential oil is best for circulation and decreasing pain and recovering overworked and tired muscles.
Rosemary - boosts your mood
Everyone needs a mood boost every now and then. We all have bad days. Boosting your mood through a good essential oil bath is one of the best things you can do to yourself. Add 2 drops of thyme linalool into 3 drops of rosemary and 5 drops of lemon. Again, add this into 20 ml of good carrier oil and mix it in the bath. This type of bath will boost your concentration and focus by energizing and uplifting you. 
Chamomile - reduces tension 
You can now reduce tension by getting a good bath with an essential oil that is 100% natural and good for your skin. Take chamomile tea bag and add it with chamomile essential oil and soak in the bath. This will help you reduce tension as well as moisturize your skin at the same time. Chamomile is famous for being gentle and calming. Using it as an essential oil will give you many more benefits than what you would expect. When using this oil, for best results, wait before the water gets to a warm temperature. Add essential oil in a carrier oil or a cup of milk and mix it in the bath.

Furthermore, if you don't want to make it yourself, there are essential oils available in the market as well. Make sure the oil you buy is 100% natural and organic. Click here to know more about some of the best essential oils available in the market. SHOP WHOLEROLL

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