4 Eco-Friendly Products to Reduce Plastic Waste at Home

At home, we usually consume single use plastic products for different purposes such as cleaning and storing, but we do not realize that how much this single used plastic will cost our environment. According to a report of UN Environment Programme, about 8 million tonnes of plastic waste enters into oceans per year and there will be less fish than plastic in the oceans till the time we reach 205 if this stat continues to be the same. Thus, single used plastic waste is a major contributor of ocean pollution. To ditch plastics we all have to live by example and start purchasing sustainable products. Let’s see what products you can switch to start your journey of an eco-friendly home.

1.     Pura Naturals Sponge

Pura Naturals is an eco-friendly brand that offers odor free sponges made from reprocessed plastics, walnut shells and vegan renewable resources. These sponges are non-toxic and produced in a way that it allows more carbon to eliminate from the environment than its emission. It efficiently absorbs oil and greasy elements from the dishes along with drying quickly which prevents bacteria to grow on its surface. Thus, using Pura Natural odor less and long lasting sponges will help you cut out plastic waste as you will not have to throw your sponges just after few uses.

2.     ONYA Bread Bags

You can reduce your single use plastic bread bag consumption by opting for ONYA’s reusable bread bags made from almost ten reprocessed plastic bottles. These bags are BPA free and comply with the Australian Bakers Industry Standards. To remove plastic packaging ONYA uses recycled and recyclable materials so that it can be composted in the future. You can store your bread up to 3 months in a freezer with ONYA bread bags. Moreover, ONYA contributes for the environment by donating 1 percent of their retail profits to environment based Non-Profit Organizations. Hence, by spending on these bags you can make a positive impact on the environment.



3.     ECOBAGS Sustainable Shopping Bags

ECOBAGS offer a wide range of shopping bags including their reusable canvas tote which is strong, washable and easy to carry. These bags are made with 100 percent organic cotton without using dyes. Purchasing only 2 bags will help you ditch those single-used plastic bags that pile up in your bin every time you come back from shopping along with cutting back on your expenditure.

4.     UNNI Trash bags

Normally, plastic trash bags are used to throw out garbage without even thinking that it adds up to one more plastic bag to the landfills. To avoid this extra plastic waste you can buy UNNI compostable trash bags that are toxic free, solid and made from plants. So, replace your plastic bags now and go for these green and eco-friendly trash bags for your home to ensure environmental sustainability.

You can save the planet by making eco-conscious buying decisions starting off with your home. There are plenty of products out there which can be used to minimize your plastic footprint. To make this process easy you can refer to our list and contribute for a healthy and safe environment.


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