3 Tips to Green Your Car

Did you know that you can reduce your carbon print by greening your car? Whether you own a smart car or an old model, every car produces greenhouse gases which has an adverse impact on the environment. It is therefore necessary to reduce your car’s environmental impact by making it as efficient and eco-friendly as possible. This can be done by employing preventive maintenance and care actions that will ensure you get more miles per tank which will not only reduce carbon emissions, but also save you money in the long run. Here are three tips you can start with to green your car:

Follow Through With Routine Maintenance 

Your owner’s manual has a recommendation for the proper maintenance intervals. Scheduling maintenance at these times one should check out the changing of battery, filters, oil, spark plugs, radiator, cooling system and the braking system.  This will keep your car at optimal efficiency and hence allow more efficient and safe use of gas without it spilling unnecessary waste or getting fewer miles to the gallon which is a wasteful way to ride.  Carcare.orgtouts regular maintenance as crucial in making your car green.

Besides, the maintenance done allow will for diagnosis if you feel that your car is not at its most efficient. Also checking the tires and servicing them at these maintenance periods will ensure they are properly inflated which in turn ensures that less fuel will be burned. According to car reports at Carcare, you can improve your gas mileage by 4% when you maintain your car and by up to 40% when you fix a serious maintenance issue such as faulty spark plugs. As such, ensuring regular maintenance make sure to never ignore a problem that your car has. When that “check engine” light comes on, obey it!

Make Your Car Lighter

A heavy car uses up more fuel so unless you are heading out for a long trip that necessitates heavy luggage, ensure your car is rid of the heavy stuff you don’t need. These non-essentials add to the weight of you car and this makes you use more gas to start it and drive it around. The trunk and backseat should only have essential items that you cannot do without.

Change the Way You Drive

According to care2.com aggressive driving habits will use up more gas and hence to green your car you need to make sure that you drive careful without falling into unnecessary habits such as speeding, idling your car which emits toxic waste even if it is not incurring gas mileage, sudden stops and starts and unnecessary miles and trips.

Every aspect of our lives including the vehicle you use can help us decrease carbon emissions and therefore help to decrease global warming.

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